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    I'm a PvE but very rarely I do some slight RPing on alts. I don't PvP at all out of the occasional world PvP because I'm abysmaterribad at it.

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    PVP, most people are un predictable which forces you to adapt to the play skill, PVE, you learn the fight and just rinse and repeat every week till another raid comes out.

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    PvP. PvE got old quick.

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    RP PvP. The two combined. A while ago I used to have an unwholesome interest and habit in engaging in caustic polical debates. Being politically opinionated basically makes you an asshat, and I had a little moment of epiphany noticing that was exactly what I'd become (when trying to translate my online conquests in politcal forums to the real world). I think a lot of WoW players get this when they take their preferred game too seriously (and then realise they ware doing so).

    I do like arguing, though, and politics. But mashing away in politcal forums and reddit burns a lot of time, spreads a lot of bad vibes, and achieves absolutely nothing at all. Again, I guess this is how people enjoy playing WoW, but taking it too far is more or less destructive.

    So what to do? Well first I took a break from it entirely and did some other things. After a while I realised I enjoy debate very much, and that it needn't make me an asshat if I just do it casually, in moderation. I tend not to get involved in big political debates anymore; when I do, I do so casually- maybe put up a single post, or a short cool exchange.

    The real problem is that people care a lot about politics, it's a sensitive, loaded topic, and it's easy to offend. I discovered that I can have just as much fun (and have just as much an impact; i.e. none) by arguing about imaginary politics. Hell, I don't even need to try and be objective about things. When I play wow, and engage RP/lore forums, I am a consciously biased Horde pundit. It's fun and I like it.

    Sometimes I mix it up and do a little unrelated or alliance RP, or just play without any RP context. But most of the time I am playing some incarnation (on my many alts) of a fundamentalist pro-horde extremist. Total war, salt the earth, and spit on their filthy alliance graves- that kind of thing.

    I think a lot of people have made this transition from being a political jerk to a rabid fan using sports. There's really nothing all to wrong with someone getting really into their favourite team; putting on face paint, carrying flags, and going to big events. Good on them, they found something they like a lot, that they can like with others, without hurting anyone else. But someone who does the same kind of thing for a political cause is pretty much always an insufferable prick. Conservative, Liberal, Fascist, Communist, Anarchist; if any of these are one of three words you'd use to describe yourself, you're probably not much fun at parties.

    So yeah, I like immersive heavy RP that involves taking the fight to the Alliance both in the world, and in instanced PvP.

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    PvE - 98%
    RP - 2%
    PvP - is broken and usually dominated by kids (or adults who act as such) no thanks

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    In wow PVE/RP not so serious rp'er though xD

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    PVP. I do like PVE, but it's just not as fun to me. I prefer fighting actual people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    PvE - 98%
    RP - 2%
    PvP - is broken and usually dominated by kids (or adults who act as such) no thanks
    That's funny considering the car in your signature looks like something manufactured by Hot Wheels.

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    I RP and PvE, with the occasional dabbling in PvP on my hunters. Voted RP cause that's what keeps me playing though. :P

    "There is a thin, semantic line separating weird and beautiful. And that line is covered in jellyfish." - Welcome to Night Vale.

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    I prefer PVE... why? cause i suck doing PVP (and i find it more boring)

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    PvE. Only PvP I've done for a long long time were for the legendary questline and my transmog set. RP I haven't done in years and don't wanna spend my time RP'ing in WoW, got better things to do.

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    The Lightbringer mysticx's Avatar
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    PvE for me, the PvP-quest in the legendary questline drove home how much i suck at PvP (Charge, hit, stunned, Sheeped? "*BEEP*ing *BEEP*!" Dead, just missed the rezzing pulse, wait 30 seconds, rinse, repeat), so i'll stick to PvE, thanks :P

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    I do both.

    I enjoy killing AI in heroic raids (kind of boring these days, lets be honest), because nothing beats achieving a goal with a group of players where every move counts.

    I enjoy pvp for the same reasons except the robot part... though, sometimes they're present as well. I love putting on my PURCHASED EPIC PVP GEAR (deal with it) and killing ranked pvpers by engaging in the ancient wow pvp tradition of circle dancing.

    I swear... ever since vanilla when I engaged in my first pvp battle till now, 100,000 kills later, that one thing has baffled me........ why do we dance in circles? lol
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    Pure PvP allways. Pve is boring!

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    Mainly PVEer, but I go through phases of doing a lot of PVP. Currently pushing the last few thousand kills for the 100k achievement. Got a pair of Knight totals from Vanilla too.

    There's another thread about how many people would like to see the old AV come back - if that happened, I'd probably PvP a lot more!

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    Mostly pve in MoP; so many little things to do that I haven't really set aside much time for pvp.

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    I am Murloc! Azutael's Avatar
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    For the most part I am, and have been a PvE player. Though my first 3 or 4 years was on a PvP realm, and I did PvP quite a lot the first few years and had a blast.
    I would like to PvP more, but I don't find any enjoyment with any PvP in its current form.

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