Realm: Thrall - Horde - PVE

Tier 15 Progression: 7/13 ToT Heroic (8/13H by next week)

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-11pm EST (Server). Some Monday raids during progression.

Highest Priortity:
Mage - DPS
Priest - Healer, also highly competent @ Shadow
Monk - Healer, also highly competent @ WW and/or Brewmaster
Monk - DPS, also highly competent @ MW and/or Brewmaster
High Priority:
Shaman - DPS (Enhancement), also highly competent @ Resto
Death Knight - DPS

>All applicants are welcome, we believe highly in bringing the player and not the class, whenever possible. The above is strictly priority based on current roster<

Anyone interested may put up a proper application on our website ( or contact USEternal#1631 with any questions. You may also contact any of these players in-game, on Thrall: Glayde/Moomins/Kresge, Mallagint, Travex, Sithil, Forgrim, Genetics, Bitterst. First impressions are important so take your time when filling out your application.

If you do send a Real-ID request please note what the request is in reference to.

A little about us:
- A 12 year old guild, Ascent was originally formed in Everquest in 2001 on the Rodcet Nife realm. In 2004 we switched to World of Warcraft where we achieved a number of world first kills, most notably Ragnaros and leading the effort for the world first Ahn'Qiraj Gate opening. During Naxxramas(40) we left our server Medivh for Thrall due to server conditions becoming unplayable. Now on Thrall, we continue to strive for excellence each tier, performing in US double digit ranks on a 10.5 hour raid week. Our raids, while both civil and full of levity on farm fights, take progression very seriously. We scour logs, we review fraps, and we fix what needs to be fixed to get the job done.

- We use loot council
- Guild repairs, potions, food, and enchants are provided for all raiders and initiates.
- Trial period lasts as long as it needs to but usually takes around a month or so.
- We do the occasional, optional, alt runs for fun. Alts are not a requirement, though it can help to maintain a 90 alt should a certain fight warrant a class stack for a certain mechanic.

Some of what we expect from you:
- You should have extensive heroic mode experience in current and past raiding tiers.

- You should be willing and able dedicate yourself to raiding in a 25m progression guild. This includes following the cutting edge of theory crafting, min/maxing your character, experimenting with ways to improve your overall performance, etc.

- You should be an expert at your class and possess a high level understanding of game mechanics. This is not an environment to learn how to play your class/spec.

- We require a high level of attendance. We have a relatively light raid schedule, so we expect everyone to be able to make all of the raids and on time, besides normal things that pop up. (Vacations, Illness etc)

- Complete knowledge and competency of all your dps/heal specs, as patches and tiers rotate out which is BiS and should a fight require an extra or 1 fewer healer so that you could stay in the raid.

-Your hardware/internet connection should be of a high enough quality to maintain a high fps and low latency with minimal or no disconnects. + A headset with a functional microphone.

-Thick skin, you can't get overly upset if you receive criticism or comments you don't like.

We stream!:
Hunter PoV:
Warlock PoV:
Guardian Druid PoV:
Disc Priest PoV: