until i quit playing wow and jumped into console gaming. i quickly found myself LOVING borderlands 2. the game was amazing and a breath of fresh air from wow. fast forward to now, gearbox software released a level cap increase and the new "UVHM" game mode that increased enemy health/damage by 4 times. and a new character Krieg for 10$.

ill make this extremely short.

krieg is completely broken, his MAIN ACTION SKILL is broken and useless and he is almost entirely designed off of "on kill" abilities. in borderlands that means when you kill an enemy this particular talent activates. which is nice EXCEPT FOR END GAME YOU DONT GET TO USE ON KILL ABILITIES SINCE ALMOST ALL RAID BOSSES HAVE NO ADDS. so end game he is practically useless.

almost all of their on release characters are now COMPLETELY BROKEN because they didnt scale their talents for the new UVHM mode, you have top tier talents ticking for 5k damage when NORMAL MOBS have over 5+ million health.

they have NO SUPPORT on the forums, do NOT address ANY issues and simply ignore the current issues and just release new content that costs money without fixing their broken content.

if you want to know how broken and horrible their coding/scaling is, a game where they proclaim billions of items/weapons etc, if you removed THESE ITEMS,

bee shield
the sham
love thumper

the game would be unplayable and you wouldnt make it alive to the first town. there has been ZERO response from gearbox on this.

so APPRECIATE AND LOVE WOW DEVS. at least they make an effort to explain and reason why things are the way they are.

i miss wow so much. im just waiting for ret to be fun again.