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    What Was Your First Epic Piece of Gear?

    As the headlines say , what was the first epic item you got and how did it felt?

    i started late-tbc early wotlk , i never got any epic , when wotlk came , i was lvling my dk , got 80 and gotten Runeblade of Demonstrable Power (blue from knights of ebon blade rep) then to start raiding i aimed to make [Titansteel Destroyer], it was so hard at the time , but when i got it , i felt rainbows and unicorns in my stomach

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    Foror's Eyepatch was my first epic raid drop but I'm pretty sure I had Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 as my first actual purple.
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    Don't remember the name but it was a purple from Kara that my guild took me through at 70 when I found that my BC gear was totally worthless for tanking even entry-level Wrath dungeons on my DK

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    Feralheart gloves or bracers back in Vanilla.
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    Robes of Volatile Power

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    Gauntlets of Might from Lucifron. I felt like a boss.

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    I can't remember, hehe...

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    The Green Tower. My lv.60 friend gave it me while I was still leveling. The proc felt pretty cool. I even dueled another paladin who was Ret in Westfall and we were pretty evenly matched.

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    Edgemaster's Handguards was the first epic item I ever got while I was leveling in WPL. The first epic item I received in Raiding was Arcanist Robes at level 58 (my raid had a couple 58s who were slacking to cap when the first MC happened). It was glorious, and the other mages threw a shit fit.
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    Eye of flame

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    Lifestone from a Yeti in Winterspring.
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    If I remember right it was Lawbringer Boots off Luciferon. We were 2 20 man groups raiding together and the guild that supplied just DPS threw a big shit stink because later that night I was given a Lawbringer Belt also lol... I was the only Holy Paladin (and was 1-2 on the heals every fight) but they wanted it to go to some ret pally. My guild leader told them to piss off... and we ended up just recruiting and running our own 40 mans after that hah.

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    Craftable level 60 priest robe. I farmed felcloth like crazy for that, borrowed mooncloth cooldowns from friends and leveled tailoring on alt to help with cooldowns.
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    Was epic crafted chest for my rogue back in BC. Was really meant for a druid but it was a huge upgrade for me. After that it was t4 gloves i think.

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    I'd guess it's either T4 warlock shoulders or something from reputation (BC ones).

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    Cenarion Belt, first MC run.
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    krol blade back in vanilla out of a lockbox, I was so excited.
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    Icemail Jerkin, level 39 mail item I got off a dragon at level 45 in Badlands. It was sick, I sold it for like 3k gold because it was a decnet 39 twink item.

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