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    Don't remember the first epic gear, but the first epic weapon was Shard of the Virtuous from Karazhan.

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    Way to long ago. Although I remember my first tier piece wast the rogue tier pants off Rag in MC.

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    The year was 2006, my beloved warrior was level 49.
    I was in the southern part of Tanaris, just killing mobs. Found a group for Zul'Farrak, but decided to kill just one more mob before I recieved the invite.

    Boom, there was a Warden Staff!

    I remember the most useless things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadheadz View Post
    krol blade back in vanilla out of a lockbox, I was so excited.
    Krol Blade was my first too :P from EPL I think, haha!

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    ahhh, Lawbringer shoulders....
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
    Quote Originally Posted by rokatoro View Post
    Some Might say it was... (•_•).....( •_•)>⌐■-■....(⌐■_■) A heavy Rain.
    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    Kang the Decapitator was my 1st, got it in Felwood levelling my warrior.

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    I have played since day 1 of wow....My main was a pally back in Vanilla, and my 1st epic ever was BrainHacker after weeks of farming scorstones in EPL to turn in for rep it dropped off a random undead. It was still to this day a memorable occasion and remember people in guild going nuts about it dropping.

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    Got it as a random drop while questing in Tanaris... on my level-appropriate hunter. I'll never forget that feeling.

    - T

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    I remember my priest's first epic was
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    Mine was the lei of lillies from back in vanilla. I had gotten it while questing in felwood, and I remember going bonkers after looting it. I had posted in guild chat about it and had people offering to buy my epic riding mount for me if I traded it to them (back then the mounts cost more than the skill). I equipped it instead and felt so powerful...even tho it wasn't all that awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamael8

    Deathwing was flapping along in the dragonblight getting ready to attack the tower whennnnn..... BAM!!! He gets nailed with a giant plasma beam coming down from the sky Grafton style from Halo Reach!!!! It would seem that Rhonin finally decided to put his 24mil mana to use...

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    Not my first but my favorite

    Such a boss weapon.

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    Gloves of Prophecy and it would be about this time 7 years ago I got it.

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    Helf of the Lifegiver from Lucifron after my guilds' first kill back in t' day
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    dropped for my gnome mage in UBRS trash pack, i will always remember

    thinking back, it was kinda crap, the dagger from maraudon was better, but hey, shiny purplez right.

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    Felheartbracers... the first Warlock-Drop in MC in 2005 for our Raid. Gave all my DKP for it and was soooo proud

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    Nightslayer shoulders

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    Deadman's Hand on my warrior. I won an open roll after it dropped in SM, if I recall correctly. I also remember a pug in the group trying to convince me it was a bad item for a mid-level warrior who regularly tanked. Looking it up on wowhead, I see it is yet another little bit of unique fun that's been carved out of the game.
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