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    Don't remember the very first epic piece of gear, probably a bracers of Might or some such. I do remember the very first epic weapon I got though, it was the Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds the day before christmas eve 2005.

    It was a good feeling.
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    Warden staff while grinding Feralas harpis
    Trylb / Galesin
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    This was my very first epic tho. That time my mage was my main. Got it in Zul Gurub first ever run for me After those upgrade my spell damage raised from 15 to 45.
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    Grinded in pvp to rank 10. Mostly in AB. The Defiler staff was my first epic and for MC raids almost already BiS. Second was the felheart belt (warlock Tier 1)

    The one I was most excited about was my fourth: The Felheart headpiece: HORNS!

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    I don't remember the name of the item. But it was around lvl 40 during Vanilla, one of the braces that you could get from the WSG quartermaster. That was my first.

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    The nostalgia just from reading some of the item names....just....SO MUCH.

    Sadly I didn't get my first epic until the end of tBC with the Quickening Blade of the Prince.
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    [Precisely Calibrated Boomstick] as a world drop in vanilla killing the turtles in Tanaris for skins. I wasnt 60 so being able to farm turtles i guess i was early 50's??

    Think I AHéd for something like a few hundred gold, 150g seems familiar... I was a bit noobish in vanilla lol

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    I can remember the first two epics I ever got (they are in my bank still) because I got them on the same day and I didn't get another epic until I got my tier .5 (Dungeon set 2) right before getting on my guilds raid team. The first epic drop I ever got I won in Dire Maul. It was the Staff of Jordan. The second drop came from an undead in the plaugelands. It was Underworld Band. It was a very long time before I ever got a purple random again.

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