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    A ring from Scarlet Monastery library, think it was deadman's hand or something.

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    My first epic was the rare epic ring Deadman's Hand on, at the time, my Blood Elven priest during TBC. Even after it was eventually replaced, I kept it in her bank for levels and levels simply because it was my very first epic and rare find. It felt wrong to sell it...

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    Nightblade off of a normal mob in I believe RFK. Not 100% sure though. The bigger question is why I was a human pally down in the barrens doing RFK. :P

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    First epic drop for me: Kang the Decapitator - Was farming turtles in tanaris for gold (they actually gave a fair bit of vendor gold back in the day).

    First usable epic: Glowing Brightwood Staff - Friend literally told me he wanted one the day before. Was farming air elementals in eastern Silithus when it dropped. Was torn for the next hour on if i should equip it on my mage or give/sell to friend. I equipped it (luckily cause he got Azuresong Mageblade that week too).

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    Arcanist Gloves off Shazz in Molten Core (during Vanilla), on my 2nd run with the guild.

    Didn't have enough DKP at the time, but all the other mages already had it so they just gave it to me.

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    Hurricane on my lock... got it while i was questing in stv back in vanilla

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    Dwarven Hand Cannon.
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    I have no clue can you guys remember those things?

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    I don't think I could remember...It was back during vanilla in MC. The first epic that I was actually really proud about, and maybe really the only one, was my anathema/benediction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brunnor View Post
    Robes of Volatile Power
    Exactly this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiark Son View Post
    I have no clue can you guys remember those things?
    Because back in the day it was a bit more special... In fact I have been playing many, many months until I got it.

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    My first epic was the Icemail Jerkin.... and I was a mage. /fail

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    First epic I ever got was the Lobotomizer (Dagger from Exalted with AV) on my rogue back in vanilla. Farmed for two straight weeks of constant AV to get it. Was on my third level 60 as well, other two toons were fully kitted out in blues. Epics need to be epic again. Give one or two for exalted reps and a few from select raid bosses but make all the rest of the loot blue imo.

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    felheart bracers

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    Crafted Hide of the Wild in Vanilla as my first epic.

    That larval acid was such a pain to get as a holy priest back then. That one piece of epic
    was pretty much my gateway to raiding.

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    I can actually still remember - it was the Stockade Pauldrons, dropped off of some dragonkin mob in the Burning Steppes, while killing those things for the Onyxia prequest on my rogue, I think. Couldn't even sell them for as much I expected.
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    Nightslayer gloves, managed to net them for 20 dkp (about three raids worth in our guilds system)
    Thank you gehennas for giving me my first purplez evar

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    either myrmidon's signet, the lifeblood stone (boe trinket, whatever it was) or the leather chestpiece from pristine hide of the beast.

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    Deathstriker before it was renamed to Felstriker way way back before dungeons/raids had a player cap.
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