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    progression advice

    My guild just killed lei shen for the first time 2 hours ago qnd we are getting ready to start sole hc progression next reset.
    We have really good motivated people, all 110k+ dps (some on 140..)
    We wonder what we should start with.. Our setup is:

    Tanks: Blood dk, pala
    Healers: h pala, r shammy, r druid
    DPS: S priest, Lock, mage, hunter, ele shammy


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    Heroic Jin Rokh to start. Good luck!

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    Jin´Rohk for sure. Ji-kun comes close after. cg and gl.

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    Thanks, should we do jin and ji kun the same week or different weeks?

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    That obviously depends on how much time you needed on jin'rokh and how much you raid each week. Our guild killed jin'rokh after 2 hours of tries and ji-kun after about 3 hours. Both fights are entirely about execution, the dps requirement are really low for both even when 3-healing.

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    Our first 5 were, in this order;
    Jin'rokh, Ji-Kun
    Tortas, Iron Qon

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    jinrokh > jikun > tortos/horridon > iron qon > council > durumu/primordius/twins/megaera

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    Jin'rokh took us loads of tries, ji'kun took us 13.

    Do jin'rohk first and if you get time try ji'kun. Ji'kun is a fight that you can (should) walk into with a plan. Killing it is just a matter of executing the plan which takes a bit of time but as far as heroic bosses go its not too scary.

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    Definitely Jin'rokh - i would go as far as saying i would have been comfortable if the fight (mechanically) was the normal version.

    Apart from requiring more dps, you should have the mechanics down pretty fast, oh and place your camera so you can effectively dodge balls!
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    Jin'rokh > Ji-kun > Tortos >= Horridon >= Iron Qon > Magaera >= Council > Primordius > Durumu > Twins > Dark Animus > Lei Shen. Best of luck!

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