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    T14 4pc Holy Pally- Worth it? When to drop?

    Our holy paladin, armory link below, has his T14 4 set. However it is the normal pieces and most are not upgraded. This equates to a huge stat loss in comparison to the heroic T15 tier he could be picking up. On top of this, the ilvl for his helm is so low he cannot use the legendary meta gem.

    Is it worth keeping his 4 set or should he be looking to move forward?



    Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...hadooww/simple

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    probably worth keeping until 5.3. it is really good atm.

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    Yes it is worth it, but they should look at getting a ToT helm and using the tier legs so they can use the meta.

    Also only one of the pieces your paladin is wearing currently is normal + completely unupgraded(496) while the others are 1 heroic upgraded(517) and 2 normal upgraded(504). That isn't that bad to get that set bonus.
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    There is hardly any difference at the moment between normal tier and heroic pieces, although the meta is a pretty big loss.. but I wouldn't really worry unless he starts using it after 5.3

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    Our Holy Paladin's Epeenbot: http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/illidan/salema/
    Wowheroes: http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/us/Illidan/Salema/
    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alema/advanced (yes that is a Raid Finder T14 chest he's wearing)

    So, I'd say that you should probably keep the 4pc until it's nerfed in 5.3

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    I made the swap out weeks ago and didn't notice a dip in performance.

    It just takes getting used to weaving in more HR/CS into the mix for the HP.

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    i'd say get used to not having it, next patch it will be nerfed since Blizz is too lazy to fix t15 set bonuses.

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    I bit the bullet last week and just switched to T15, mostly because it meant I could use the meta gem. I've tried to get the damn LFR T14 legs a few times, but of course when you actually need them they don't drop. :P

    I must say, it's actually not too bad. The meta gem sure is a huge gain, and the overal increase in stats is nice as well. Of course it sucks not having HS at 4 seconds anymore, but I have to get used to that anyway.

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    I've changed up a few things since I've switched to the new tier 15 in anticipation of 5.3.

    The first thing is that I have reforged out of some mastery to get my 25% haste cap on my Eternal Flame for more ticks. I'm currently still sitting at approximately 32% mastery at just over 25% haste.

    Secondly, because of the increase in haste over my old values, I started seeing a much greater proc rate on my legendary meta gem and my trinkets, which led me to try the last change I made.

    The last change I made was weaving Flash of Light spam during Clearcasting onto my beacon target to keep up holy power generation. It seems that I'm seeing greater Holy Power generation than I was even with the 4 second holy shock cooldown. Most of the time I'm able to snag 1 or 2 + 1 Holy Shock. If I'm luckier still, I'm even able to generate a full 5 holy power if the Clearcasting refreshes.

    I know it might seem wild, but it's something I'm trying in preparation for them changing the t14 4 piece.

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