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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXCAVALERA View Post
    Blizzard next step is to attack the MOBA market. much more interesting financially than the RTS market these days.

    They realized its potential and changed their strategy , Blizzard all stars was supposed to come out for free with starcraft . they delayed it and made it a completely separate game.

    And Lol , dota 2 are just meh .
    >Next step is to attack MOBA market
    >releases TCG

    I don't think that WC4 is ruled out.

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    I wonder which playable factions we would get then. I hope they atleast stick with human, orc, undead and night elf.

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    WC4's possibility is close to zero. Not because of WoW but because it's stupid right now to make another RTS game. SC2 is the fastest selling RTS game of all time and you know what? Its sell doesn't even come close to WoW and D3. RTS's market is just not big enough anymore. SC2 is an incredible game but it's just too hard for people to play. It's popular but compare to something like WoW or LoL it's not. RTS's market today has transformed into MOBA for casual gamers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanzlee View Post
    Buy it and play it then.
    Check again. Typos happen.

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    If Wc4 would happen, and it'll be as good as Wc3, I'll stop playing WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlarStormbringer View Post
    Check again. Typos happen.
    Not in my world they don'r.

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    I wouldn't want to play another Warcraft RTS. I'd like to see some new immesrive gaming strategy. RTS is an old/outdated gaming platform. I don't think there is enough of an RTS market to justify developing one that will have the level of hype that a new Warcraft RTS would bring. Just my opinion.

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    If they make WC4 it needs a new, strong theme to it that isn't rehashed scourge.

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    NO! just NO! if we didn't wait long enough for SCII xpac, now we'll wait even longer for Legacy of the Void cuz u want WC4?..
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    All in the same post.

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    Yeah Star Craft and WoW is kinda in the way. Would be dumb competeting your own RTS and esport.

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    I think Warcraft 4 will happen at some point hell could lead to WoW 2 ( assuming titan flops its not rare to see MMO's just add a 2 to their games)

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    If it has a World Editor that's just an enhanced version of the Warcraft 3 World Editor, and not some kind of mess like Starcraft 2's Galaxy Editor or w/e it was called, then yeah I'd love it. Otherwise, nope, WoW provides many more hours of entertainment than a few campaigns.

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    Well at the start of WoW vanilla it states that '10 years has passed' they could easily do WC4 based on them 10 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    If it has a World Editor that's just an enhanced version of the Warcraft 3 World Editor, and not some kind of mess like Starcraft 2's Galaxy Editor or w/e it was called, then yeah I'd love it. Otherwise, nope, WoW provides many more hours of entertainment than a few campaigns.
    Galaxy Editor is actually really powerful. far more powerful than WC3's but it's also very hard to use. You could make all kind of games with GE. I have seen that starcraft MMO one.

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    I want to wait at least 3 more years before any sort of Warcraft 4 news. Reasons being that SC2 still has at least that much more time of development before the team would start work on something new. I would expect it somewhere around 7 years before it would actually be out, and it will look more like a current high-res game in RTS form. Think of something like battlefield 4's graphics in RTS form, with Blizzard's classic stylized graphics. Or even something like EQNext's graphics style in a new form RTS.

    I would love to see destructible terrain in a Warcraft 4 as well. RTS like Dawn of War and Company of Heroes already have destructible buildings, I think it would add a lot of depth to Warcraft with it too. It could play more into the environment and strategy, since it's not as 'chess' like as Starcraft series. Shape the battlefield to your advantage. Landscape shaping could even be themed with Shamanism, Druidism, Necromancy and Engineering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I was always under the impression that WoW was essentially a cockblock for another Warcraft RTS. As long as it was 10m+ subs strong, it probably wouldn't have been a logical move to break your team up for an RTS.

    I enjoyed Warcraft off and on for years, but I prefer the RTS game. I'm hoping that over the next few years when WoW levels out around 1-2 million subs it will allow Blizzard to move some people onto Warcraft 4. Predicting WC4 2016

    Amen brother.

    I recently just played warcraft1(ugh, it was really old but i did go all the way through it) wacraftII beyond the dark portal - nice to see the red lands of draenor rather greenish and a lot of sea battles....unlike it is the case in outland , now i am on warcraftIII, really a masterpiece.

    Really enjoyed the bloodshet and radical story lines with a lot of casuallities with a darker theme.

    After 11 years of waiting since wacraftIII came out, i am more than ready for wacraftIV - Azeroth got stale, due of wow being an mmo game and how it is all handled by raids.

    btw, i want to point out that the RTS wacraft lead designers and wow lead designers are totally different people, the wow lead designers are merely recruited from ultima online and everquest.

    So no surprise that we never got a real war after wacraft3 and i am not sure how much original story related persons as metzen design actually some content. Seems they are just supverising and managing the business the warcraft franchise did become overtime.

    Wacraft is pretty old, though rooting from the early/mid 90ies.

    This video is for you to remember of the good old times:

    I even prefere the wc3 wotlk he seems a bit silly with his helmet and ridiculous speeches(instead of a coldhearted kill) like the spaceball vader guy, if you think about it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Drithien View Post
    I am ready for it! Regardless of World of WarCraft. I don't think that it would be a problem for them to make the game, they did with StarCraft. I hope it ignores World of WarCraft completely though and continues from WarCraft III, and that Metzen and co have gotten their act together like in the old days. Doubt it will happen any time this decade though

    haha, now that we think about it, those rectons can have a good use too, that i have hated for so many years:

    Metzen and Co could just retcon everything happened after the frozen throne expansion when it comes of designing wow IV.

    oh, yeah this means Kael, Illidan and Arthas never died.
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    Been waiting for years, I want an updated world editor so I can continue to make custom games damn it. >.<

    And no Starcraft won't do, I prefer the Warcraft theme.

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    I wish someone would just do a warcraft rip off but revert it to TBC times gameplay. I would honestly love to see which would win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Never really got this. I mean, the only element that could potentially be problematic is story - not wanting WC4 to tread on WoW's plot development. No other reason why Blizz can't do an RTS at the same time (see SC2).

    That's why I think they should have the timeline of WC4 take a huge skip, like 500-800 years in the future, start with a largely clean slate, and have at it.

    So yeah, I would totally play WC4, it wouldn't impact my enjoyment of WoW at all.
    i wonder what plots wow might have that are significant, compared to plots shown as in the rts series?

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    What makes you think it is gonna happen? Every bit of the universe and the story progresses through WoW, ergo there is no need to have a RTS successor.

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