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    Burning Legion song.

    I was listening to Hammerfall - Trailblazers and it reminds me so much of the Burning Legion, let me tell you why!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNDN8q1nmBI - The song.

    ''It's been a long way but now we are near
    The midst of the fiery rain
    We know the Thunder have summoned us all
    To the place were innocence got slain''
    I see this as - We've been waiting years for the burning legion but the Isle of Thunder Summoned us all and to the place of innocence got slain (Orgrimmar).
    From the Lake of Fire they have come
    Fierce almighty legions, one by one
    When the Flames of Glory touch the sky
    Trailblazers do or die

    We are the mighty, who soar through the air,
    Creating our own destiny
    Warriors once and Warriors to be
    Forever our spirits fly free

    We rode on lightning we shone like the sun
    In a thunderous symphony
    We fought them hard we fought them so brave,
    Sending them back to their grave
    This is also close to what Velen has said in his Short Story - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/lor...len/9#readmode
    'instead of the prince, an armored warrior stood before him, his plate helm and breastplate shining with the essence of the Light itself. The warrior wielded a sword forged from the same material as the armor, held it aloft as he perched on an outcropping... Whether it was on another world or Azeroth, Velen couldn't quite tell. And suddenly the dark sky above erupted with the combined chivalry of Azeroth's races. The blood elves, orcs, trolls, tauren, and even the accursed undead and scheming goblins rode flying mounts of every sort and description. They were armored and armed in magical weaponry glowing with so much power it hurt Velen's eyes to look at them. Beside the legions of the Horde, the ancient night elves charged with humans, dwarves, and gnomes, whose ancestors formed the original Alliance, and the shape-changing worgen were united with them. Velen's own draenei bolstered the army, their ranks adorned in otherworldly metals and bearing crystalline maces and swords.
    '''The visions we gazed upon,
    As the nightmare returned
    On the uncaring slopes
    The mark of the shadows still burns'''
    Sargeras is out there and his shadow still burns! - As i read somewhere on the site, a name for the expansion 'Shadows of Sargeras'
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    I dunno, if you want to link this song to something WoW related I think it reminds me much more of the coming of the Horde and their return to their old shamanistic ways.

    "It's been a long way but now we are near
    The midst of the fiery rain
    We know the Thunder have summoned us all
    To the place were innocence got slain"
    They suffered under the burning legion for a long time, but they endured the "fiery rain" and thanks to the power of the elements or "the Thunder" they managed to create a new home in Kalimdor "the place were innocence got slain".

    All the talk about "soaring to the air" and "spritis flying free" fits even better with orcs desire to never be chained by the Burning Legion or anyone else ever again, prideful as they are. "Riding on lightning in a thunderous symphony" could be a mention of their new-found honor on the shaman path.

    "The visions we gazed upon,
    As the nightmare returned
    On the uncaring slopes
    The mark of the shadows still burns"
    Again the reference to "visions" could be linked to the power of the Far Seers and their prophecies relating to the TBC expac, the "mark of the shadows" being both the Burning Legion and the dark reminder that even though they are now free the mark of their past transgressions will be carried forever by their people, their green skin "still burns".

    That being said, I'm sure Hammerfall didn't make this song thinking about WoW, it's probably just a interesting coincidence... or is it?

    Yeah, probably is. XD

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    Huh, interesting trivia I read on that link I posted:

    "The name Hammerfall is taken from the Swedish power metal band with the same name. Blizzard employee Samwise Didier has painted several covers for the band so it is likely to be a tribute to the band as well as to Doomhammer."
    It might not be just a coincidence after all!

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    Here's another one its not about the burning legion, but rather about arthas and the wrath of the lich king xpac
    Dragonforce Valley of the damned

    I really dunno if hammerfall made that track for world of warcraft....
    Not saying dragonforce did but just that there is alot of songs that have a conection to world of warcraft in one way or another....

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