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    Sub PvP help (lost my touch)

    Hello all, (armory at bottom)

    my main is a Night elf Sub rogue, and I love to play but damn if I just cannot do it anymore for some reason!

    I have no idea what changed, whether it be me playing other classes or just falling behind on the times but I CAN NOT score a kill in pvp without someone else hopping in to help.

    I typically open with Premed to Slice to Garrote to Cheap Shot to Ambush for 5 combo points (trinkets binded on ambush and not SD) then I Evis, use Marked, and Evis again. Now typically the other player will be sitting at roughly 75% so I'll start using my tool bag and cd's to last through the fight... usually I die, even with Readiness, evasion and cloak.

    I'm sitting on full malev gear, don't have enough golds to buy gems, let alone chants.

    Bottom line is, I have NO clue what I am doing or not doing, so I will take any criticism or suggestions, thank you for taking the time to read.


    Sorry, logged off in Combat but I have both Malev daggers. Check out the Sub tree
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    And yet here we are.

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    I'm not the best PvP'er in the world but your resilience is incredibly low in comparison to other rogues. The only thing you can do at the moment is make as much gold as you can and stack resi / pvp power + resi gems (for the socket bonuses). When I open I do the following, premed -> S&D -> garrotte -> x2 hemo -> CS -> evis unless i'm trying to global in which case i cancel subterfuge and blast out dance straight away. If you need help or tutorials I watch a lot of youtube videos from Sativ or WorldofSensus as well as Reckful when he is playing his rogue.

    Some people may disagree but like I said i'm not the best when it comes to PvP but though I'd maybe help out.

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    Can't see anything too wrong with your talents, you might want to give Cloak and Dagger a try with sub rather than Shadowstep for extra burst.
    Regarding the "hopping in to help" thing, you need to pick fights a little better I guess remember smoke bomb, blind, redirect stuns and even gouge can all help hold a second player off for a bit.
    For the opener, I wouldn't bother with ambush, its damage to energy ratio outside of shadow dance is pretty awful, and you will energy starve yourself fast. You should be aiming to getting as many eviscerates in while your Shadow blades and CD's are up and remember to preemptive feint just before you expect the return damage. Personally I try to hold off with shadow dance/shadow blades and trinkets until the target has used at least a couple of their CDs.

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    Honestly the gear you have is holding you back. The difference between full malevolent 476 and full tyrannical is ridiculous. Also, you are missing tons of gems/enchants on your gear which means a lot. If you upgrade your gear/gem/enchant you will be on the right path.

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    How do you not have enough gold to buy enchants and gems? gold is thrown in your face in this game.. go do some dailies, pick up herbalism or mining and sell stacks on the ah.. christ man..

    Don't even bother pvping until you have gold..wtf..

    Anyway... Since 5.3 is around the corner stick 160 agi gems in every socket. Dancing steel on both weapons (Or on main hand with weapon chain in the off if you find you're disarmed a lot). usually you'd be stacking resil as rogues are beyond squishy, but 5.3 changes everything.

    Why the hell are you using shadowstep in 5.2???? Get in some use of Cloak and Dagger before it's gone. Switch back to Shadowstep or Burst of speed in 5.3

    I'm not even going to bother giving you more suggestions until you get some initiative and socket and enchant all of your gear. I hate people like you whenever I pug BG, you're just a hindrance. Do people on your team/faction a favour please.

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    No idea what you guys think but I never use SND WHILE bursting. I use it before I even do an attack by doing a premeditation 16 sec trick. The 2 points disappear after 18 sec so I use it at 16 sec, I only have to wait 4 more sec and it will be off cd to combo with Ambush.

    AFK spotting target: Use premeditation 16 sec trick for SND
    Opener: I use Premeditation + Ambush > Expose Armor (Garrote if caster) > 5pts Rupture
    Rotation: 2x Ambush > Finisher (Eviscerate or Kidney shot depending on target)

    Simple as this, nothing complicated. Rogue only has plan A and plan B, that's a caster or a not, and going to stun or going all damage. Everyone is doing the same exact rotation since vanilla till MOP. Nothing has change, its just your gear that's making you so inferior. Farm up gear and go enchant + gem all of it.

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