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    Brand new WoW player playing a death knight...

    So, this may be a bit of an unusual question, but I literally know nothing about DK's so I figured I'd come ask you guys first. I've finally talked my husband into playing WoW...we were going to go through the whole spiel of buying his account ect ect, but he wants to play a DK. I just happen to have a 2nd account that isn't attached to my main battle.net account, so I thought I may let him just have that account, because it has a level 80 warlock on it so he could play a death knight.

    My only concern is that he's never really played WoW before, a couple of times on private servers, and he's been watching me play for about 3 years. He's really good at games and he's smart, but I'm wondering how much is it going to hinder him that he's starting at level 55 instead of level 1, with professions and such...How hard is it going to be for someone who's never played WoW to pick up a death knight?

    thanks. and inb4 "against teh rulez" because yeah, I'm aware of the risks involved.

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    It won't be, in fact the death knight starting zone is one of the better ones which allow you to familiarize yourself with both the class and the game's mechanics. For example, you control a vehicle, create potions, gather materials, create and use quest items, and have quests explaining mounts and abilities all within the first 30 minutes of the experience.

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    Don't forget the free rez if you die!

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    The only issue I see is that he will have to go back to older areas for professions, depending on which profs he chooses. Some he can just powerlevel at the ah. But gathering ones will require him going to places he is basically "skipping" as a DK for 60 levels (vanilla zones).

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    Guides,videos,how to dk pvp videos,how to pve dk videos,spread sheets,elitistjerks.com,arenajunkies.com,dungeon journal,dk starter area teaches everything you need to know on understanding the basic principles of the class,guildmates,battlegrounds to know what spells to use and when and increase reaction time and dk forums here.There are more than enough tools out there to help him and even addons that give suggestions to what spells to use next in "rotation".run dungeons and lfr and by that point if he hasnt grapsed the class then im really not sure if he ever will...lol?
    Anyways goodluck to him on enjoying the game with you and w/e class he ultimately ends up picking,tbh at this point in the game there isnt a class/spec that is very difficult noowadays,they have dumbed down just about every aspect of gameplay.

    As always Happy gaming.
    Here come the Irish.

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    The only people really hindered by mechanics and such in the game are the ones who DON'T READ. Tell him to read all of his abilities, look at how they interact with each other, etc. If he can do that he's fine.
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    Not at all really, dks start out with relatively few abilities (admittedly scales up quickly), are durable and quite simple to play at the start (you kinda have to try to die:P) and effective in instances (blood boil spam=5k dps). Professions could as stated be an issue, but I doubt he'll care much about those starting out. The real issue is really if you're on a pvp realm, outland and especially hellfire pen. is ganking central with crz and getting corpsecamped for an hour could really put a damper on his motivation:P

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    tell him if he runs a dungeon, don't death grip unless he is tanking
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    And yet here we are.

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    If he's good at video games he should pick things up pretty quickly. I don't see it being a problem. The basics aren't terribly complicated.

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    tell him if he runs a dungeon, don't death grip unless he is tanking
    Unless he has it glyphed to not taunt

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