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    If your WoW character could have a wow girlfriend/boyfriend

    So if your character could date a Npc from wow which would it be?

    Now i have lots of alts so for my characters i would choose

    Orc - it would have to be Shokia from the jade forest good god that girl can shoot

    Belf - Hmm so many to choose from but it has to be Scout Captain Elsia from the isle of thunder dailies

    Undead - seeing my undead would have no chance with sylvanas it has to be shademaster kiryn i bet she was hot looking before the scourge

    Goblin - It has to be sassy hardwrench im sure if things turned out well in kezan she would be my wife my now

    Pandaren - Tina mudclaw she seems like a slutty farmers daughter which is right up my alley

    Worgen - Lieutenant "Foxy" Topper i just love her cockney slang

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    this thread is creepy

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    You're creepy

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    mega creepsville over here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lana View Post
    mega creepsville over here
    I agree and Lana del Rey i approve
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    I have a Female Troll Druid ( was Male Tauren from classic to late woltk when the pre cata patch came out and allowed for race change to troll )
    So i think the perfect mate would be Vol'jin :P. Badass Troll ftw!

    But yeah. What should happen then? Gta Style? 'Driving' around on "our" mounts , going to some Taverns'n'shit?
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    Male tauren - Onyxia.

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    Oprah Winfury.

    If she's even a fraction as rich as her real life counterpart, I've got it made.

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    My Kuangshen wouldn't have a single boyfriend or girlfriend.

    She WOULD however be 'dating' half of the Ironforge City Watch. She likes to have a good supply of drinking buddies.

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    Mine would just summon a GF.

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    He's just talking about having an LI like in Mass Effect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Undead - seeing my undead would have no chance with sylvanas it has to be shademaster kiryn i bet she was hot looking before the scourge
    No love for Lillian Voss? Though she doesn't seem very sociable :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    My Gnome warlock is currently dating his Succubus while having an on-off affair with the Shivarra.

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    My Blood Elf Priest would date my Blood Elf Paladin. The sex would be divine.

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    See kids date all faction leaders and long-time known wow hero NPCs and bosses.
    Be creative.

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    How you even came up with this is beyond me, honestly. lol. I'd love to name some npc's, but quite frankly I don't know or remember names in this game. haha.

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    I like to believe that my Rogue had a thing for Confessor Paletress at the Argent Tournament.

    You couldn't imagine his delight when he pickpocketed a bunch of grapes from her when she entered the tourney to fight us. He believes it was a gift for him. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    He's just talking about having an LI like in Mass Effect.
    ...and that whole "Elder Scrolls" series that's been around for several decades, being the second oldest continuing RPG in video game history and all...
    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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