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    I dont fully understand these numbers

    ok got a few bit and bobs and robot has calulated that these are better and is screaming at me to change them....i know using Azor's guide his weightings are whats putting these ahead however i cant bring myself to drop that much crit/multi in favor of those other stats.
    this output was used with his latest weightings in his guide so i populated these into Robot weightings
    Agi= 1
    AP= .9
    CS = .76
    Mast = .71
    Multi= .71
    Vers = .70
    Hast= .52

    i know matematically it all works out higher but due to the effect of crit...

    i guess what im asking is how low should i really be going in crit and who among you would do what its telling you

    P.S i swap trinkets on fights so ignore the Mirror/Soul Pri

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