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    Most effective way horridon hc

    Hey guys,

    we killed Horridon hc yesterday (only took us ~25 tries overall) but I really hate the little dino you get after a certain amount of time.
    I use unleash elements on cd on him but thats not nearly enough to keep him away. When adds are still around and Im lucky, I can hit it with chain lightning and be safe too, but in the last phase, Im really struggling at keeping it away while NOT losing more than half of my dps. I end up using UE and shock on CD but it still isn't enough and I have to keep casting lighnting bolt from time to time and it really pisses me off.

    Is there maybe a more efficient way to keep the dino away? A few times I got lucky and got my searing totem to hit it, but you can't control that, so...

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    As ele i used wind shear and purge.

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    have you tried using totemic projection and dumping your searing totem on the 'far' side of horridon (after fiddling your dino back with lightning/purge/whatever)?

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    Primal earth elemental on passive. /petattack macro.
    Watch the dino dissapear out of your screen and never come back.
    At least that's what I did as enhance, it means fulltime uptime on boss in last phase with a minor sacrifice.
    Instead of wasting a global every 5-10seconds you use 1 for the entire last phase.

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    Since your armory link says you are elemental ...

    1. Wind Shear whenever possible and not on "kicking duty"
    2. Flame Shock whenever shock cd not needed otherwise
    3. Purge until your mana gets too low
    4. Unleash Elements

    /target Primal Direhorn Spirit
    /cast 1-4
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    In last phase, I just run in circles around the boss. The dino never catches you and you don't lose any dps, you only need to stop every ~8 seconds to cast Lava Burst. but if you're going to do this, it's wise to inform your healers you're probably going to be out of range for most of the time. Not like you need heals in last phase anyway, Shamanistic Rage is up for every Dire Call and if you're using Glyph of Flame Shock, it'll heal you back to full in no time.
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    Im specced EB now (back from having PE for weeks), so I cant use that petattack macro I guess. But will keep it in mind if I switch back to PE.


    Lol I didn't know purge and wind shear worked. I was told that it had to be a damaging spell.
    With that I can just /focus wind shear and purge or unleash elements all the time.

    We are told to hug in the last phase because of dire call, so circling around the boss isn't really a good idea.

    But thanks for the tips guys, with wind shear and purge it should be a piece of cake now.

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    make a focus purge macro and thats about it, hit it every so often and you never have to stop doin what you are doin, dont waste interrupt knocking the direhorn back purge is plenty.
    do what you feel.

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    But wind shear isn't on the gcd. =) And in the last phase there is no kicking needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormstrîke View Post
    Is there maybe a more efficient way to keep the dino away? A few times I got lucky and got my searing totem to hit it, but you can't control that, so...
    You can.

    1) Make /cast [target=focus] macros for Flame Shock, Lava Burst, Chain Lightning, EB, Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt.
    1.5) Keep a normal flame shock button
    2) Make a /focus @mouseover macro on a button that you will be using often (I set my /focus to a side mouse button)
    3) Instead of left clicking to target things, use your focus button to target things to attack - This might take some getting used to.
    4) When the direhorn comes out, left click (ie. select) the dino. Put searing totem down. Cast your normal flame shock on Direhorn.
    5) Voila. Searing totem is 100% on Dino. Doesn't matter what you do, as long as you keep the dino SELECTED, and your targeting is all based on FOCUS.
    6) It will go out of range. Every minute or so, you'll have to re-select the dino, recast searing totem, and recast flame shock.

    1) Dino is irrelevant. It seriously works 100% of the time. the dino could be next to you, while you're single targeting Horridon, and the searing totem will shoot the dino until it's out of range.
    2) Positioning is irrelevant. The searing totem will ALWAYS pick out the dino and shoot it if it's in range. No worrying about projecting, pushing it against a wall, or wasting chain lightning to push it back.

    1) It's so good you sometimes forget about the dino completely. Your searing totem doesn't last forever, so remember to keep it down, or it'll sneak up on you and you'll die.
    2) You lose all searing totem and fire ele DPS on the boss, although lately I've started working on using my fire eles, as once the dino is a mile away from you, you have a minute of time before it gets close again. This goes back to #1, if you do this, don't let the dino catch you!
    3) The first couple times you try it, it will feel weird to use /focus instead of normal selecting, and you might keep screwing up and selecting the wrong thing (letting the dino get close), or you will stand there spamming your CL button doing nothing since you didn't have the proper focus.

    It's worked extremely well for me, and increased my DPS drastically - I just hit a world 9 parse last week at 525 ilevel with 305k DPS without padding (ie. damage on jalak and 4th door mobs). The other Ele in my guild doesn't think it is worth the effort, and is still very competitive. Your mileage may vary.

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