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  • No. I'm fine if MoP would still last another year.

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    Yeah, this april fools joke has gone on long enough!

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    MoP is the best thing we've got since TBC prolly... even tho WotLK was really fun, we had a lot of things to do but raiding way simply way too easy plus retarded tabards giving reputation for free... no thanks.

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    No way; I'm not done with it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDDGuides View Post
    I wanted MoP to be over with straight after it was announced.
    Same. /10chars

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    No. Cata and MOP showed, that next expack can't be more awersome, then previus.
    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDDGuides View Post
    I wanted MoP to be over with straight after it was announced.
    This is pretty much how I felt as well.

    I did not like the theme, and I really dislike the Pandaren, I think they are way too silly and annoying.

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    All depends on what the last raid tier is, and how long they plan on keeping it relevant. DS and ICC both went on too long, but in the case of this expansion, some 'down time' might be viewed favorably by the community as a break to level alts up to 90.
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    It feel MoP got old lot faster than previous expansions, so wouldn't mind it being over fast.

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    I think the most compelling thing about the expac for me is Wrathion's motives and the imminent doom you feel thinking about the Titans or Burning Legion coming back to Azeroth, and even that is an anticipation for what's to come AFTER MoP, not during.

    The expac just didn't immerse me at all.
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    Given their new raid philosophy of making every boss a cluster**** of abilities and adds, tuning the raids really hard to begin with and not gradually nerfing them with a debuff and making everything totally linear.... I can't wait until we get new leveling content and 5-mans and such in the next expansion.

    I have liked everything about MoP so far except the raids, which are just terrible. The dailies was a bit much and a few things here and there could probably be better, but nothing but the raids have been so bad that I wanted to quit over it.

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    After the fail of cataclysm I was like ok now we should get something very good.
    But then came the announcement of panda's ....... I really don't like them.
    They just don't fit. There is a big ass amount of lore out there which is unfinished and or not even started yet in the WoW universe and what do they give.
    Freaking panda's that didn't do anything at all.
    I'd rather have seen the legion coming in like ok you guys are weak and pitiful at this moment because of Deathwing ruining your farms.
    Still waiting till a REAL EXPANSION comes around that is on par with let's say WotLK, Vanilla and BC.

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    I have a serious question for those who found MoP to get old early on:

    Were you in the beta?

    If so, do you think that this might have affected your perceptions?

    I'll be honest. I was an AP holder, spent a lot of time in the beta, and find the shelf life of the new continent and dungeons a bit short because of it. I leveled to 90 twice during the beta so there's that. There were a lot of people in the MoP beta and this thread seems to be a good time to ask about it. Maybe I should do another thread entirely.

    Anyway, curious as to the responses.
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