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    No more wind rider cub on blizz stores?

    I was really hoping to buy a wind rider cub for my best friend's birthday. But none are showing on EU stores and all sold out on US ones. Is this something that happens often or has it really been completely removed from stores? Was really keen on getting that cub for her :<.

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    That is a bit odd. My sister and I got each other one of these little guys(she got me the gryphon, I got her the windrider) for Christmas. Granted, that was about six months ago. I don't frequent the store, so I don't know about stocks and such, but since these actually have a physical item attached to it, they may run out. Looks like they have a contact number. Give 'em a ring and they should be able to answer your question.

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    Last time I went to the EU store they had removed all physical items because of some redesign or restructure they were doing. I'm assuming that's why they aren't there anymore.

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    It's not for a while, but I have a feeling they'll restock them for BlizzCon. They have in the past
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