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    CRZ and you

    I've just read how someone quit over CRZ in another thread and rather than derail I thought I'd ask the question separately:

    If you don't like it, why?
    If you do like it, why?

    What (if any) impact have you seen from it?

    *NOTE* - Talk about your own experiences, friend of a friend examples don't count, don't invoke "everyone" when you mean "I" and give examples, simply saying "it killed wow" isn't going to help, but "I think it killed wow because......" will at least give me an idea what all the fuss is about.

    For me, I've leveled two new toons since it was introduced and I can't say I noticed if I was part of a CRZ or not.

    I also play on a PVE server and can't say I've ever seen anything, but then I mainly stay in Pandaria where as far as I know it's not turned on.

    It could be me just not paying attention, it could be it effects something I have nothing to do with (mining / herbing have been examples I've read about) I honestly have no feelings about it one way or the other, I'm just curious what people's problems are because it's not something I've noticeably experienced and yet seems to have impacted some people.

    *2nd NOTE* - This isn't an excuse to vent about dead servers, they're a problem and not enough is being done about them, but this isn't the thread for that, this is purely about CRZ and your experiences (good or bad) with it.
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    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
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    I like it for the reason it was made. I see more people in the world instead of feeling like I'm playing a giant and empty single player game.
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    This will probably turn into a hate threat against CRZ and we got to many of those already.

    On topic: CRZ was able to provide me with tons of new friends who i never met before.
    CRZ is one of the best things that happened to WoW, allthough they could have just merged the server to get the same thing at the end.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    For people who are leveling new characters or alts, there's value to seeing other people in the world. I have helped others with quests. I have kept players healed up a few times when they were going after rares. It's a first step towards re-socializing leveling zones.
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    As of when I'm typing this post, there are 34 people on my realm between levels 1 and 84. So in short, it's pretty dead. CRZ allows me to see more people actually out in the zones levelling or doing whatever. I'm not playing this game for a single-player experience, I'm playing it for the MMO experience. CRZ brings that back.
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    I love it, I can apear in my ex servers shrine and greet and chat with friends that I dont have in the ID
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    I like CRZ cause i can meet a lot of people and now i can play with friends that are on other servers (I have characters in a lot of servers) and i also find myself doing PVP (most of the time unwanted, but is still cool), but i can't tell you a lot about it, i mean the people that actually get bothered by it are:

    -Mount Farmers (Time lost protodrake, etc...)
    -Mats Farmers (Mining, herbalish, etc...)
    -Lvling (Sometimes you get ganked a lot -that happens to me a lot, but i don't really care cause i know that's part of the game and that's how things work-)

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    It has it's ups and downs, but for my server being merged with a high pop-server like Stormrage(US) Everywhere feels a little overpopulated, especially considering my server was decently high populated in the first place. But really, after getting over the changes and getting used to it it really isn't so bad. That is aside from the new addition to griefing/trolling and so forth caused by CRZ and assholes but what can you do.

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    From an server economy standpoint, low pop servers get the downside of being on a high pop server (tons of competition for mats) without reaping the upside benefit of those mats being on the AH. The only thing it accomplishes is that you see people out in the world...but even then, I don't see too many people out and about in old world zones.

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    Good Thing : While i was leveling my monk , i saw ALOT of players , alot of pvp happend and it felt nice! I can zoom in my friends from another realm to raid with me.

    Bad things: TLPD / Aeonaxx are UN GET ABLE! Really i mean , i am from sylvanas EU ( Wich is an high pop realm.) I am merged with shattered hand , ravencrest , stormscale wich are as far as i know also one of the highest busy realms ever! YES RARES SHOULD BE RARE! But TLPD is already RARE! So why make it even more?
    Ganking on a pvp server , i got ganked on my lvl 67 monk in netherstorm caus 3 90s thought it was fun , from another realm...

    Thats my own experience.
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    Hate it TBH, having to stand in line to kill level 6 mobs is utterly moronic, funny enough i only had somebody "ninja" a mining node once or twice, but it's overfarming of mobs that irks me, that and the "incredible vanishing node/mob", things that phase in or out frequently as you go from server to server.

    Blizz has systematically removed every single reason to group up (Only the arena-lines are left, two of them that are utterly irrelevant now) and added no reason to see others as anything other than competition, the only point where groups are useful is MoP-content, where most players already are, so little need to add more players (CRZ isn't active there anyway), just merge the ghost-town servers already

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    It never really bothered me. I actually really like seeing other players around, even if they do kill Hogger more times than me :3
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    it's good to see people out in the world. next step would be merge the auction houses. low pop realms with very little on the AH suddenly have a lot less for sale, as players from other realms are farming up the mats quicker than the players on the low pop realm.

    overall though, a step in the right direction.
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    Probably gonna be biased since most of my toons are in a dead/faction imba server. I can't see why I hate CRZ, as I feel much less compelled to transfer from a dead server because of this. The only problem I have with it is that I can't use /who to find others from other servers to recruit for a quest party or something like that.

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    I'm a solo player who doesn't care about rare stuff. My main annoyance is the CRZ lag between zones.

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    Oh yeah, and I can help friends with things out in the world on characters they have on other realms.
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    It's a band-aid at best, and actually a detriment on pvp realms due to what locations are chosen for CRZ.
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    1 experience, more of a realm wide thing that I was part in- before Cata, there was some scheduled large world-pvp. We would have like 40, 60 ppl from each side, and then just duke it out in a predetermined zone, little bit of fun-lore added for why the fight, ect, it was pretty fun. MoP dropped, however, and CRZ effectively killed these events- get up 4 full raid groups, and would have raid 1 shuttled off to CRZ A, raid 2 to CRZ B, raid 3 to CRZ C, ect, effectively KILLING organized world PvP.

    World PvP is now all about shmuck lvl 90s flying in, ganking your low lvl alt, and then running to a different CRZ when you bring in your lvl 90. CRZ helps world PvP? Bah, CRZ helped to kill ANY world PvP that was left and replaced it with gankfest and run.
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    CRZ made me quit too....not really but it surely didn't keep me playing
    It didn't do what it wanted...look who is in a zone and there are more lvl 90's then people leveling in the zone. And those 90's are there purely to make life hell for the very few levelers.
    I actually saw more people leveling per zone before CRZ then I did when I quit.

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    I don't play on a pvp server - so I don't understand why this was forced on me.

    I only have negative experiences with CRZ. I've already mentioned the fact that if I try to camp TLPD now - I see about 15 people from all different realms there, this leads me to believe that there used to be 15 spawns of TLPD - one for each of those realms, now there is 1 spawn all 15 realms share - nice job Blizz! Secondarily, i do not like phasing mine nodes - or battling with 15 realms to farm a bit.

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