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    Imo CRZ is worthless.

    used to be on a pvp realm. got tired of getting killed by faggot lvl 90s while in stranglethorn/ EPL/WPL/ Felwood/Winterspring

    had fun trying to mine/herb with bots flying around and now 100 other people looking for herbs from other servers

    and none of the people I encountered over CRZ were ones I wanted to add to the friends-list.

    FYI: if you are on a full server, crz does nothing for you, you can encounter players all the time just by flying around without the help of cross-realms. if you aren't on a full server, maybe its because you chose to join a small community server and don't care that its dead.

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    Quest NPC's always dead in a quest hub, for example Thrallmar.

    Frustraiting to level up herbalism and mining.

    90's flying around killing you, while questing for the lulz.

    You see other people from different realms stealing mobs and quest items. Thanks Blizz for a living world. Now go fuck yourself.
    I enjoyed being alone. It's not like people chat with these strangers from another realm. No, everyone just minds their business and moves along.


    There are none.

    Blizzard needs to start merging servers together sooner or later.

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    Unless I'm leveling new toons i couldn't care less for CRZ because all of the time i spend ingame these days is at max level in pandaland. However, weeks ago i was leveling a lock on a PvP server, not one of my brightest ideas, and at one point i was forced to quest in the world, at lvl 58 in hellfire, having ran instances up to that point. Thrallmar was infested with 20-30 level 90 players in full pvp gear which were constantly killing the questgivers and everything else that moved so i lost about 2 hours because of that.

    Could of been worse.
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    CRZ sucks , Example :

    I flew over Northrend so many times and while on a flight path my silverdragon addon went off , but as soon as you land you can see the NPC's around you ''reload'' so you jus changed ''CRZ Zone'' and, well you guessed it , the rares are no where to be found cause you were in a different ( maybe your own ) zone while on the flightpath.

    ( Yes im aware rares fly /walk around and about , but there are also stationary ones and even those were gone after flying back myself 10 seconds after landing )

    In low lvl questing zones CRZ makes no difference.
    I lvled 4 toons till atleast 80 since CRZ came out and in the most <80 zones no one says anything , no one groups up and all it brings is more people to steal the 5 mobs that run around ( and you need like 15 for the quest ) so it just slowed me down.

    Prime example : all the kill quests in Nagrand or Stranglethorn and you get like 8 people jumping on like 10 tigers.

    Maybe if it actually encouraged social bonding and grouping in low zones i would feel differently, but everyone on those zones is just being an ignorant c*nt that doesn't speak so in the end all it does is slow down your alt lvling.

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    Nothing good to say about CRZ. The only Pro people seem to go on about is 'Oh you see people in the world!' for me all i think is 'Oh that lvl 90 Druid swooped down and stole my resources.... yipee Oh the 6 guys from other realms just killed all the quest npcs i need..great!

    The big wigs must had had a meeting about how to dodge the dead realm issue and CRZ is what they shat up.
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    I hate it because it only accomplishes things that are bad for me:

    1. Lots more people to gank me. You might enjoy being ganked, but not me.
    2. Nobody new to join my guild.
    3. Nobody new to sell stuff at my AH.
    4. More people to take resource nodes (skinning, herbalism, mining nodes) that I might have otherwise gotten, with no discernible increase in spawns. While this might be by design, that doesn't mean it doesn't suck to experience it firsthand.
    5. Seeing time changes makes me feel like I'm not even on my realm anymore. (Because I'm not.) It's a weird feeling of everything being broken, very jarring, completely ruins any thought of playing on "my" realm.
    6. Playing in a zone is now like running LFD all the time, with the quality implications that go with that.

    My guild is actively considering transferring to a high population realm, and I could not be more thrilled. PVE realm too - eat it, gankers.

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    I love CRZ. One of the best things that happened to wow. They shouldn't remove it, they should expand it (allow trading and so on)

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    I play on a PvP server and hate it. I'm fine with world PvP happening on a PvP server (because that's kind of the point of PvP servers). I actually complained a lot during Cataclysm about how my server was so dead, there was no world PvP, etc. I just think CRZ took that from one extreme to the other. It's gotten to the point where I queue for BGs to get AWAY from PvP, because at least my alts can make progress/gain XP in those. And fuck Hellfire Peninsula since CRZ was introduced.

    It's not going to make me quit the game or anything drastic like that though. I don't like it, but I tolerate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntardicus View Post
    I like it for the reason it was made. I see more people in the world instead of feeling like I'm playing a giant and empty single player game.
    i hate it coz all it done was encourage ganking, i left a pvp server for that reason and that i want to go bck to 25 man raiding with a guild i was in bck during ulduar

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    For people who are leveling new characters or alts, there's value to seeing other people in the world. I have helped others with quests. I have kept players healed up a few times when they were going after rares. It's a first step towards re-socializing leveling zones.
    i only seen a few people out in the world while questing on my monk (outside the gank fest that was the dark portal and helfire)

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    Playing an empty faction on one of my alts, CRZ lets me see other people out in the world. In general it is more fun to see people in Dalaran and all over the place. I also think it's fun getting ganked.

    I've come across few phasing issues, but nothing that was worth a second thought.

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    Hated it, and it is one of the reasons I quit. As others have said, when I decide to level a new alt, I do not do it to socialize with random people from other servers, but rather to get another character to max so I can socialize with friends. Other people being in the world are only a hindrance to my progress with this goal, and having to fight a bunch of people to kill my quest mobs was enough to make me give up on a monk entirely.

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    I hate CRZ to tell you the truth. The reason why is because I played primarily on a Latin Realm (US Quel'Thalas) as I lived in Chile before emigrating here to the US a couple months ago for most of my WoW playing career, and we had a REALLY good server community going. It's a pretty high pop realm and due to the language barrier, people preferred to group up and do dungeons the old fashioned way instead of using LFD.

    CRZ kind of ruined that because we could no longer kind of shun the outside world and just have our own little thing going on in our little corner of the WoW universe. We were very proud on Latin realms that we had such a strong community and a lot of that has gone by the wayside since crz, the world doesn't feel like it's "ours" anymore. I know it probably sounds stupid, but it makes sense to us anyway We had the choice to separate ourselves via not using LFD/LFR, but now that choice is gone and we are no longer permitted our solitude

    I imagine it's probably done similar damage to RP realms (well, the final little death blows that hadn't been landed yet anyway).

    I think CRZ should be for PvP realms only.

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    Did not like it when I tried to tame some spirit beasts (Arcturis, took 6 days) and another pet that is 3 feet away from a level 50ish quest mob (Acroniss). You can also kiss your chances goodbye at getting a TLPD or the rare dragon spawn thing in Deepholm.

    Did not notice it that much when I leveled an alt from 1-90. I think I had to wait once or twice for a quest mob to respawn but besides that and the damn npcscan+flightpath thing I did not notice CRZ at all. I have no idea where all those 8.3 million people are but they are definitly not on the realms that mine is linked to.

    Even infront of Orgrimmar there are only 15-20 people at most, same goes for Stormwind.

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    I love it because having people put in the world is the whole idea of an mmo. If you don't want people out in the world you should be playing single player games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    I love it because having people put in the world is the whole idea of an mmo. If you don't want people out in the world you should be playing single player games.
    Sooooo... WoW was single-player before MoP? Interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Sooooo... WoW was single-player before MoP? Interesting...
    Questing while levelling might as well have been. Now it feels like an mmo when you level.
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    Good idea but Pointless...

    Being able to invite people on your RID list to your realm is about the only good thing about it

    There is almost no reason to group with anyone because there are no hard quests anymore which is fine, my server is already high pop with queue times often so I do not understand why CRZ is even enabled on the server as I always see people from my realm while questing, resource sharing is dumb, after trying to farm mats for Blacksmithing (rather then using Ghost Iron) I can tell you it sucks when there are many people from different realms flying around going after the same nodes you are, farming tasks that used to take under an hour before CRZ now take several hours or longer, all the good farming spots for various mats are always overrun...rare spawns, what does CRZ do for dead servers economy wise again?

    If anything, CRZ promotes hate, it's a band-aid fix for the real problem which is less players playing the game but the amount of realms has stayed the same, merge already

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    Think CRZ is total garbage, if I wanted to play a MMO with zones I'd go back to playing EQ, I see some issues with lag and zoning on my connection (enough I avoid old zones and just level alts though bg's and LFD now), but I went over to a friends with my laptop and with his connection as soon as you left Orgrimmar I started lagging out or getting Instance not found *he never had this issues before CRZ and other MMO's work fine on it he just started trying Neverwinter. *I also REALLY hate the 6am resets on stuff now too and the last fix for the 2 seater does not just drop you but now DC's you just to make sure you can't get a levitate or feather fall spell off before you splat.

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    I wouldn't have so much of a problem with CRZ if the material nodes weren't shared between the realms. It irks me when I see people from other realms farming the same nodes I am. Especially in Outland/Northrend because the spawn rate on those are abysmal to begin with. Hell I'd even be fine with sharing nodes if the AH were shared as well; instead, we're losing materials to the other realms.
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    I did not like CRZ. The very idea is idiotic and insulting, a giant slap in the face from Blizzard to their customers. "Yes, we realize the zones are empty, so here's a way to make them feel populated without addressing any of the real problems related to underpopulated or dying realms."

    Thanks to CRZ, I now compete with more players for fewer rare spawns, and also have similar issues with gathering, and with quest mobs that don't respawn fast enough. (I didn't see a single Black Lotus in the months I played after CRZ launched.) There's increased opportunity for pvp ganking. (Yes, I know that ganking shouldn't happen on PvE realms. However, there are ways to encourage or trick potential victims to flag themselves. Or the would-be griefers can just slaughter quest-givers and vendors.) I can meet players from other realms, but I can't invite them into my guild, trade with them, or even be confident that I'll see them again. Hell, I can't even reliably carry on conversations with the people I see, since traveling through zones can cause us to phase apart, never to see each other again.

    CRZ fixes nothing, and encourages the transitory, non-social feeling of modern World of Warcraft. Sure, there are lots of other players, but it's not like how you treat them actually matters.

    The one thing I suppose CRZ may succed at: fooling brand new players that the realm they've selected isn't an empty wasteland, even though it is.
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