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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    CRZ fixes EVERYTHING in MMO's.

    Why ? MMO launches: 100% plays. After 3 weeks, 30% plays at any time. After 3 months only 25% play it actively: first "game is dying thread".

    After 6 months hardly anyone can be found in older leveling zones. Game is dead threads all over the place.

    1 year after: server merges needed because we don't find players to do GROUP content.

    2 years later: Game IS dead because of spread players.

    Year 3 : game goes F2P in order to survive a little longer. Game is dead as a rock for group content....

    CRZ will counter the above in ANY new MMORPG coming from Blizzard, simpy because CRZ will address ALL players over the complete EU / US / Asia region.

    No more problems with too thinly spread pops per server. No longer dying servers as such even.

    CRZ is the Holy Grail for ETERNAL populated world zones.

    .../ rest is history...
    That's not how CRZ actually works. Sure, it would be better if CRZ was some sort of dynamic realm-merge. (Not perfect, but better.) As is, it stinks. And IF that's how Blizzard is treating CRZ.... that still stinks. Forcing your entire customer base to alpha-test an incomplete prototype technology is both disrespectful and likely to destroy (or at least damage) their willingness to buy your product (in this case, WoW).
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    I usually dont rant, but if there is something i really dispise in WoW, it's cross realm zones (not cross realm raiding). Here's a bit why

    Tried leveling a troll, and since troll and orcs start at the same place. Some questing areas in the start were so ridicously flooded with people tagging mobs, that i had to spend WAY to much time, just griefing my way through it. It ended up with me giving up the char and rolling another race. Because i just couldnt be arsed sitting in that bloody castle and waiting for that 1 guy to spawn, so i could tag him before the other 15 that were in there, and declining groupinvites i was trying to hand out.

    And also, gathering proffesions, not even going to start on that.
    and the rares, which others already said.

    bleh, i get the idea and i like it. It's just the implementation of it that needed some more work, hopefully with a new patch or expansion they will come with CRZ 2.0.

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    In its current state of implementation I don't like it.
    Dead realms are still dead ghost towns with horrendous economy, now with the added quirk of competition over spawn nodes! Even shittier economy, gg.
    At least I had some entertaining world PvP in deepholm gold grind areas. Yes, actual 90 vs 90 world PvP, not some idiotic gankfest.
    Oh, and wintergrasp dismounts you mid-air without any warning whatoever or parachute. You zone into it, then you realize that you forgot what is going to happen here while still at high altitude...then you crash into ground and die.

    I like how it is in Pandaria. No enforced cesspooling 10 different realms, just those people that connect via Real ID to farm mats or rares if you play on low pop server.

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    CRZ "forced" me to reroll on a pve server.
    Went with my guild to a 99.9% horde pvp server. Thought fine! No more alliance!
    Then shortly after, they introduced CRZ and there was more alliance than i've ever seen before on my old 50/50 pvp realm.

    Even pet battles weren't possible anymore. (seriously?)

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    I do like CRZ because I can find groups in Shrine general chat from other servers. I do like it because there's more people if/when you run into group quests.

    I despise CRZ with the passion of a million blazing suns because there's more people hunting rares. The few group quests you run into are outweighed by the 100s of rares you miss as you level. I hate CRZ because there's more people farming mats. I hate CRZ because IF you run into someone, and want to add them, you have to use Battletag (which outside of Oqueue no-one seems to use) or RealID. It's either nothing, or full personal details.

    All in all I'd rather it wasn't put in.
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    Another dude not able to see further than his nose. So what will you tell when CRZ AH is introduced and cities will be included ?

    Not there yet ? Rome wasn't built in one season either.

    Are you that limited as a person to NOT see these future developments coming ?
    Are you really basing your argument on things which may or may not happen? /facepalm

    They could merge auction houses as you are saying, and many have suggested in the past. This would be wonderful and much needed. However, I'm talking about the current state of the game and right now CRZ is nothing more than an annoyance for most players. It does not address the fundamental problems of low pop servers (economy, no groups forming, no pug raids going, barren auction houses, etc). Your argument makes no sense. We're talking about the current state of CRZ, not it's future plans, chief.

    If players don't complain about CRZ and don't make these issues known, then nothing will get done. But you certainly can't just say "well maybe CRZ will include the AH someday so stop complaining." Sorry, doesn't work like that.
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    I like CRZ.

    However it is apart of the reason why I unsubbed from WoW.

    It was poorly implemented and caused no end of trouble for me. I could not reliably travel between zones without disconnecting.

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    Aside from rare spawn camping I really like it for lower level zones, especially since most unique quest npc give credit to everyone who attacks them. Linking auction houses for low pop realms might be a good next step, as I know those realms have problems with the economy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aktavite View Post
    I like CRZ.

    However it is apart of the reason why I unsubbed from WoW.

    It was poorly implemented and caused no end of trouble for me. I could not reliably travel between zones without disconnecting.
    They fixed that quickly... surely you didn't unsub because of THAT.

    But eh, people claim to unsub over literally everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    I love CRZ. One of the best things that happened to wow. They shouldn't remove it, they should expand it (allow trading and so on)
    Well sure - if they expanded it to allow trading, guilding, and a single auction house (at least per battlegroup if nothing else) then it would suck much less.

    Especially since my guild is about to transfer to a full/high pop PVE server. Hear that gankers? You won't have me to kick around anymore! MWAHAHAHAHAHA.
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    Pros: I like that there is actually people running about and it doesn't feel dead

    Cons: Do people really got off this hard and killing lowbies?

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    My BM hunter alt still hasn't had a chance to tame any spirit beasts. Being from a high pop server it sucks that I have to compete with others on Pandaria aswell as old world CRZ for spirit beasts. Please remove CRZ Blizz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallikiddd View Post
    CRZ is good for low pop realms but keep that crap away from the high pop ones. They don't need any more people or competition. High pop should all be phased on their own realms and not let any outsiders in. Prime example is sholazar basin. That zone should be phased for each realm, not a FFA for the whole battlegroup.
    Actually CRZ is awful for low pop realms. sure you see people but all our resources are getting sucked out of our economy because we have to compete with the high realm servers. we are absolute not getting any thing from it besides frustration and a disadvantage.
    I dont mind being on a high pop server and compete with my own server over nodes rare spawns etc because I know if I miss a node it will appear most likely on the AH and I can still buy it. if I miss a rare I know its one competitor less.
    But unfortunate I am on a low pop near dead server and its dying more every day.. So now we hopelessly watch how other high pop realms are sucking up our nodes our rares and we have no way of accessing them though other means (AH trade). no way to refresh our player pool because the CRZ from the high pop realms in the right minds are not going to migrate back to us lol.

    Right now its people migrating of our server because AH and community is simply dead, no way to recruit the CRZ people you encounter during leveling. The rare spawn fisasco seeing them up while flying but when you land poof gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    They fixed that quickly... surely you didn't unsub because of THAT.

    But eh, people claim to unsub over literally everything.
    No they didn't fix it quickly.

    There are people who still suffer from those types of problems.

    And it was a major problem. If I was disconnected, I could no longer log into that realm until the next day (if I was lucky else it was one week later after maintenance). The bar would load to 95% and stop. On every single character on that server where I had suffered the d/c. And on the odd chance my character did load into the world, there were no players nor NPCs. Yet I could talk in all of the chat channels.

    Even a rebuild of both my PC and firewall did not fix the issue.

    Now I would classify that as a major problem. And one that should be fixed in a timely manner. Yet it didn't happen.

    I stuck it out for 6 months, alternating between 2 servers to play on.

    Ultimately I unsubbed because Blizzard made a change to the launcher and it stopped working. I couldn't update my game, so I couldn't play. My money was being wasted.

    Despite a large number of players stating they had an issue, Blizzard still maintained that it was the players fault. And there was nothing they could do about it.

    So please take your condescending posts away from here.
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    I really dislike CRZ, you just get a bunch of people who act like idiots to ruin your fun.
    Just yesterday, I did a random BG with my girlfriend on a PVE server, we come out and we were pvp flagged due to the Battleground, these two really shit geared paladins ( 463 heroic gear) started spawncamping us, then when we got unflagged they continued to follow us and kill every enemy we needed for quests, even after we entered dungeons and stuff theyd follow us, they were from a different realm, if they were on my realm, i'd have had friends to help, but rolling on a completely new server sucked because of it.

    Oh, and in the cataclysm zones, CRZ is rampant, Ive got two characters stuck in Hyjal at the moment because theres always 10-15 other people doing the quests you are, and its impossible to get anything done, I specifically chose low pop realms a while back so I wouldnt be bothered while levelling.

    Edit: rare spawns and pet battles as well, they appear on flight paths but when you land, you get CRZ'd out and they arent there anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post
    If you don't like it, why?
    1) It does nothing to actually solve the problem of low server population, only exacerbates them.

    2) Zoning lag is insane.

    3) CRZ provides no improvement to old content, only hindrances. Old content is old, there's no reason why "competition" is needed. If there isn't enough server interest in old content to provide "competition," this means people already don't see the reward for camping old rares, gathering old nodes, etc. as sufficient for the effort required. Adding additional hurdles doesn't "increase exciting competition," it just pisses players off at that point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mooboy View Post
    What (if any) impact have you seen from it?
    Thankfully I don't play on low-population servers which truly got their asses fucked by CRZ, and thankfully most of my camping/farming is done (out of laziness) in low-traffic hours, meaning I have seen very little to any actual impact from CRZ (which is a good thing).

    The only thing that's truly been affected is zoning lag and dismount/zoning bugs, which decreases quality of life in this game for me greatly, and makes me feel like this game came from the fucking stone age or something.

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    Its funny that if blizzard thinks CRZ is sooo great then why wasn't it put into MoP zones and now come next patch the Barrens are not going to be CRZ'ed.....cause we are heading to there for up coming siege of Org. The idea they are not having the Barrens CRZ means they can turn it off and on when they why can't we players have on and off switch for CRZ?

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    I play (by choice) in a low populated realm, so CRZ means all the inconveniences of an overcrowded realm and none of its benefits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseD View Post
    Its funny that if blizzard thinks CRZ is sooo great then why wasn't it put into MoP zones and now come next patch the Barrens are not going to be CRZ'ed.....cause we are heading to there for up coming siege of Org. The idea they are not having the Barrens CRZ means they can turn it off and on when they why can't we players have on and off switch for CRZ?
    For now it serves a very specific purpose: To keep zones populated and let friends play with each other across realms. That's why it's not turned on for Mists zones, those already have 95% of the server populations running around in them.
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    Honestly, it's currently one of the thing that might make me leave the game. I play on a decently sized realm (Zul'jin) so I never had trouble meeting people, unless I played in the middle of the night, I would always cross paths with 2 or 3 other players even in the most remote of zones, and I liked it that way.

    Now, one of the things I love the most about the game is leveling alts. I love to see the character progress and I like questing. But CRZ just made it unpleasant. I used to meet 2 or 3 other players and it was enjoyable. I tried doing Jintha'alor in the Hinterlands, there were sixteen of us running in circles for the same ten mobs with two of those groups having people lvl 70+ one-shotting the mobs, a couple of people doing archeology (and killing the mobs). That one quest (Start Taking Back) ended up taking me three hours...

    I do not live in the middle of the desert, I'm not starved for virtual social interaction. I loved meeting some people out in the world, but to have a bunch of people crammed like that in the middle of zones that should be remote and out of the way just completely breaks immersion (not to mention the fact that spending thrice as long on quests isn't particularly enjoyable, I do not want to make new friends, I want to see some progress on my character). There shouldn't be twenty mercenaries running around Skulk Rock.

    I understand that it might be nice for people who played on dead servers, they get to see some new faces. But why did they feel the need to add this to realms who already have an High population is beyond me.
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