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    Question Karazhan - Chess solo, help needed

    Next patch, Prince Malchezzar gets a pet drop, which means that people will storm Karazhan to get it.
    However, since Chess is a major pain to solo, I need some help..

    I've watched 8-10 different solo guides, but I couldn't get any of them to "work".. My king always die, without getting enemy king below 50%..

    So far, Blizzard have not made any statements towards making Chess more solo-friendly, and nothing have been datamined, so I guess it's unlikely Blizzard will give a helping hand, like they did with Razorgore, Twin Emperors and Viscodous...

    So, can anyone post a fool-proof guide/strategy to soloing this piece of RNG crap?
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    Doubt there's any guides that will work no matter what. Always got some RNG, gotta keep trying.

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    Sadly there is no fool proof guide, luck plays a big part in this. Plus there is also the glitches where Medivh's cheat cool down is insanely low. But one of the biggest things is you want to have your king have a free space to move to and away from. Even one square, just something he can move into and away from. Also try to keep your pieces facing whatever is attacking them. Use the... bishops I think it is to heal your King.

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    Move the pawns out from in front of your queen and king. Then pop on yer queen and smoke their king till you have to move due to fire or cheating. Ive also found that moving both wolves out right away after the pawns helps as well.

    If you need to move the king... move him, then pop out and get in the queen again. once your queen is dead.. get on yer king and go hit theirs.. hopefully you got him down enough that you can dps him down before they dps you down GL!

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    There are a lot of good videos you can find, and like any fight you learn the timing -- you will get a sense for the cheat cooldown and can pre-emptively jump out of your chess piece and into the king so you can move him instantly out of fire etc etc etc.

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    It really is a matter of luck now. Sometimes the other king will go straight to your king killing himself, sometimes he will stand back cheating slowly killing all your pawns.

    One thing I noticed is that now the other king tends to often keep 2 healers behind him. It is extremely annoying and not much you can do about.

    All in all it takes me about 2-4 tries to kill him now opposed to the 1-2 tries it used to take me.

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    As has been said already, move the front pawns and use your Queen early. You can do massive damage to the king using the aoe and single target abilities.

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    It's completely RNG. My first soloing took three hours, my second 20 minutes, my third 40 minutes, and the week after I gave up after 4 hours.

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