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    Question Extend Raid Session - Question

    Hola everyone,

    A question, to whoever can reply,

    We are 11/12 on ToT. I think it works the following (it was in the past i remember) but i dont know if it still works):

    One of the guys of the team that were with us last week on 11/12, stays out of today's run and extend his raid session. The others start ToT from the beginning and kill lets say 7-8 bosses. On Thursday, the guy the was outside, start a new raid with his extended session and the others that killed yesterday the 7-8 bosses, get invited and go straight to Lei Shen. Is that possible anymore?

    Thnx in advance!

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    As long as you're not killing heroic bosses, I think that's how it works, yeah.

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    Yes! We did it exactly like that this last lockout in order to finish off Lei Shen and Twins.

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    That works for normal modes.
    If you are talking heroics, then i think it's not possible.

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    Thnx friends, appreciated it!

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    We have a similar situation today, and I'm looking for some clarification on that.

    We killed Lei Shen last raid, so this week we start on HC Jin'rokh.
    Since we only raid 2 nights a week, we cannot stay the full night on Jin'rokh, and still hope to clear it after.
    For tonight I don't expect a kill. I guess for now we will have some tries for 1.5 hour and then go on to clear. We have an alt saved to Tortos to save some time.

    So I have a few questions:

    Suppose we have a few tries on HC Jin'rokh, but we DONT kill it.
    Can we
    a) Disband the raid, reset the instance, use alt-save to Tortos and clear from there? are we still saved to the heroic lockout if we dont kill it?
    b) Since we are at Jin'rokh anyway, we may as well kill him on normal as it takes 2 mins. Someone might still get an upgrade. If we do, is it still the same raidid as that heroic one and can we still extend from Tortos?

    Does anyone know? Thanks!

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    If you don't kill anything you're not saved to anything.

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    Ok, so as long as we dont kill Jin'rokh HC we wont have HC lockout. Thank you.

    Also from Anyone42's answer in the other thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Anyone42 View Post
    NOTE: to get an HC lockout you do NOT need to kill the boss, only TRY the boss HC. (exception to this is if you TRY the first boss of an instance HC, and then reset the instance - you have no lockout.) example: kill first boss normal, have 1 try on second boss HC, call the raid. it is as if you have a lockout of killing the Fist boss HC.
    Going to look at my scenario B) then.
    We have worked on HC Jin'rokh, but we are not resetting the instance.. we just turn to normal mode and kill it. Is that a good way of doing it?
    Or should we run out, put normal .. reset ... re-clear the trash: kill normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battleweep View Post
    As long as you're not killing heroic bosses, I think that's how it works, yeah.
    How does it work with heroic mode exactly? If there's a heroic boss dead it locks you to that number of bosses killed if you enter an instance in progress or it locks you to that instance such that any bosses killed after will also apply for the lockout of a person who may have left before that?

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    What OP described only works with normal mode raids. As soon as you kill any boss on a heroic difficulty you gain a unique heroic raid ID that prevents you from joining other unique heroic raid IDs for the week. You can however go back to normal mode and use your generic normal raid ID for other people though I think that also locks them to your unique heroic raid ID despite them not killing a single boss heroic.

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