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    1. The Loremaster, the fishing meta with Salty title.
    2. 18255
    3. 14 - only started playing in Cata, so most of the older ones are out of reach. Either Horseman's Reins, Grand Black War Mammoth or Avast Ye, Admiral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panszer View Post
    Your Achievements ?
    1. Whats your most prestigious achievement?
    2. How many achievements points do you have?
    3. How many feats of strenght Achievements do you have, and which one is the most prestigious?
    1) Hand of Ad'al (I have others, most prestigious is subjective I guess) According to armory, Tranquil Master is my most prestigious title.
    2) 13625 points, hope to get more when I have time
    3) 51 feats total, Hand of Ad'al

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    Herald of the Titans Feral Camel's Avatar
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    1. Level 90.
    2. 9345 Points.
    3. 15.

    I'm about 100 wins of WSG for The Conqueror on my warriors, just way too burnt out for that grind.
    And 2 achievements off for Battlemaster, they are pretty hard to get in pugs though.
    I'm not a raider and haven't set foot in a high level dungeon since vanilla.

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    1. My most prestigious non-FoS is probably [60 Exalted Reputations]. I wish there was still a 70.
    2. 15725
    3. 55. I'd consider my most prestigious to be either [Insane in the Membrane] (pre-nerf) or [Swift Zulian Tiger]

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    1: Insane with Shen'dralar (ofc) but it is on par with my Server first Relic Hunter and Seeker of the Knowledge. (High pop server)
    2: 17815
    3: 54, Probably Most prestigious are Agent of the Shen'dralar, Veteran of the Shifting Sands, My date for Ony60 and Bloom and Doom

    No longer playing so it will not change
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    1. Seeker of Knowledge probably, with the time invested into it
    2. 19615
    3. 76, Vengeful Nether Drake & Brutal Nether Drake

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    1: Original 60 pvp titles - Amani Warbear - Vengeful Gladiator.

    2: 12460

    3: 54 - The Above + my legendary Achievements.

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    1) Turtles All The Way Down (Because 13k successfull throws, BLIZZARD WHY??!?)
    2) 19,415
    3) "I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am" <-- (it was a epic kill), or "Herald of the Titans", unlike most of the players who has Herald, I got mine during wotlk, with a pretty average group, nothing too hardcore. Now its supposedly a breeze with the new talents, glyphs, base stats, and pots/enchants/engineering items available.

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    1. Heroic Ragnaros, maybe. Or What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
    2. 13490
    3. 45, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

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    1: Duelist probably
    2: 17890
    3: 41, none I'd really call "prestigious." Probably the Insane?

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    EU-die silberne Hand
    1. don't really know or care, but then again it is kind of subjective anyway. I like "insane in the Membrane" and "the insane" is the title I usually have displayed
    2. 17074 according to armory
    3. 74 according to armory. Well again it is quite subjective, of course "insane in the Membrane", maybe the FoS for baron mount as it is my ground mount of choice since I got it all those years ago, classic PvP titles ... I really don't know/care

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    Scarab Lord
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    Fuck you, that's where.
    1: <It's Over Nine Thousand! Earn more than 9000 achievement points.>
    2: 8735
    3: 32 feats- Ashes of Al'ar and Deathcharger's Reins.

    I'd say my "1" is pretty prestigious considering how many achievement point I actually have
    Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

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    1) I'm cheating a bit here, instead of 1 achievement I currently have Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Warglaives, Thoridal and Val'anyr, which is kind of an achievement if you count guild achievements.
    2) 12820
    3) 37. Notable ones include Ashes of Alar, 'Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings' and WoW's 4th Anniversary.

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    1. Most prestigious NORMAL achiev? idk, [What a long ,Strang Trip it's Been] maybe.
    2. 12525
    3. Insane in the Membrane (32) - I also have all Wow's Anniversary 4 through 8
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    1: I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome i am ( Sinestra no death ach )
    2: 19670
    3: 63

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    1. I don't think I have any really prestigeous normal Achievement
    2. 14340
    3. I have 61 of them and most prestigeous would be my two Realm First! Level 80/85 Hunter

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    1. Probably Glory of ICC raider 10&25, done when it was current, or Glory of Pandaria raider.
    2. 11615
    3. 30, Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear

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    1. My most prestigeous normal achiev must be "What a strange long trip it has been" or "Exalted champion of the alliance / Sword in the skull"
    2. got 15225
    3. have 55, most prestigeous must be Hero of Shattrath, Veteran of the shifting sands and Hero of the zandalar tribe

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    1. Battlemaster probably.
    2. I have 18925 achiev. pts.
    3. 64, hmmm, probably Realm First! Death Demise.

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    1. Dont really have any prestigious achievements, not that I can recall anyways.
    2. 12750
    3. 51 - No idea, Tribute to Insanity? Swift Zulian Tiger? Maybe one of my Legendaries?

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