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    1. Battlemaster, Heroic: Conclave of Wind (I still think it's the best fight I've encountered, sadly the rest of my guild hated it :<)
    2. 18235
    3. 42
    Haste only feels good to classes that truly benefit from it though. Can it be +Amp instead? Anything else really.
    "Classes that truly benefit from Haste" means... Everyone except Warriors. (And we're going to fix that.)

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    Battlemaster or Realm First Sha of Fear (I know it isn't for an account)


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    1. probably my pre-bc sergeant title or maybe or maybe the argent dawn tabard one. my most memorable achievement though is bloodsail admirable, had so much fun farming that one in wrath with some guildies and starting big fights in booty bay

    2. 11150

    3. 36 aside from the ones i mentioned above, probably kara mount achievement or deathchargers reins as they were quite rare when i got them back in BC/wotlk time.
    dragonmaw - EU

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    1: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
    2: 11350
    3: 42, Swift Zulian Tiger

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittycovox View Post
    1; id guess undying /togc insanity
    2: 16420
    3: 56
    qouting myself to feel good 1k achiev gained since this "05/15"

    hopefully i can keep getting 1k per patch entire xpack
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    1. i dont think i have any prestigious ones.
    2. 20275
    3. 80 , probably herald that i managed to do a few weeks before cata was releases

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    1. I wouldn't really consider any "prestigious".
    2. 15390.
    3. 41, perhaps not prestigious but Master of arms/did somebody order a knuckle sandwich? with a non-melee class was amusing to accomplish, Vampire Hunter or Spirit of Competition.
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    1. Nothing really prestigious.
    2. 14880
    3. 30, don't think any are prestigious.

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    1. Battlemaster
    2. 19050
    3. 37, Herald of the Titans

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    1. Glory of the Raider (10 player) - (Plagued Proto-drake included) don't think it's super prestigious, but it's probably my only notable raiding accomplishment
    2. 14235
    3. 40, Hero of Shattrath

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    I am close to getting the icecrown raider 25, but i got two achivements that troubles me, the first one is the second boss when you have to let 6 different kinds of adds live when killing her, what kind of adds, the ones you encounter before killing her, or the ones that spawns ones in a while in the encounter, because i don't see 6 different kinds of adds. And then blood queen lana'thel, how do you become a vampire, because i don't see anything on youtube about it?

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    Onyxia at level 60 hands down the best I have! :-D

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    1: The Undying
    2: 7980
    3: 34, a tie between The Fifth Element, Master of Arms, Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich, Zul'Gurub (lvl 60 raid) and Onyxia's Lair (lvl 60)

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    1. Hard to say. Possibly "Conqueror/Justicar" just due to how much I played for it back in Classic and how rare/cool the title is.
    2. 13340
    3. 39. Possibly the "Cutting Edge" from t14.
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    1. Bloodthirsty

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    1. Probably Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25 man when it was relevant.
    2. 13405
    3. 36; Friends in High Places, Mimiron's Head, Swift Zulian Tiger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panszer View Post
    Your Achievements ?
    1. Whats your most prestigious achievement?
    2. How many achievements points do you have?
    3. How many feats of strenght Achievements do you have, and which one is the most prestigious?
    1. I finished Arathi in less than 6 minutes so awesome!
    2. 1810 at the moment, I'm planning on achievement hunting when I get to Lv. 90 with my Holy Paladin!
    3. None, I will have some you can trust that!

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