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    What do you spend gold on

    I recently started making a good amount of gold and it got me curious, what do people spend their gold on. I know a lot buy mounts or their raiding needs but what else do people buy when they get more gold then they need.

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    hookers... I mean i gief gold to guildies since we moved servers and most of them are pretty low on cash...

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    Mounts. Still a few I can buy but when they start costing over 50k I get stingy with the purse strings so I'm spending less and less gold these days. Other than that, xmog and raiding needs... pets? Idk you named most of the stuff that you can buy with gold other than runs through stuff(on my server it's about 100-150k for challenger: gold carry).

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    Mainly materials I am to lazy to get myself, otherwise nothing really. Which is a good thing, because I don't actively try to get more gold.

    Sometimes I will spend way to much on gear for alts, just so they can enter a new set of dungeons. Damn heirlooms dragging down my ilvl! :P

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    Mounts, Mounts and Enchants/Gems.

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    Blackjack, Hookers & Cider.

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    Puntable gnomes. But seriously nothing >.> although thinking about buying a challenge mode boost for my crappy warlock.... not 100% sure why, I just feel compelled to show some love to my first and long forgotten toon

    I have all the mounts and pets I actually want (Minus Ashes of A'lar) so I dont really need to spend any >.> so I have a pile of gold and no real use for it

    So anyone who boosts on Outlands EU Alliance PM me if your boosting!

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    I transfer it to an alt and the realm switch the alt to moonguard... I'll let you figure out the rest.

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    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Other than the occasional ah steal, nothing. It keeps piling up. I was planning to buy an onyxian drake from the BMAH if it ever came up, but then it dropped the regular way.

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    Gems/enchants for myself and guildbank when it goes low.
    Lately i've gotten too many alts and spent money on giving them fast flight too.. <.<
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    u never have too much gold, period =P
    bought the black market only(ilvl 483) gun from black market for 86k in the beginning of MoP it served my hunter as BiS all the way up to ToT (only doing LFR =o)
    but since i now dont have to much gold after that i just buy enchanting mats, gems, MoP BoE's for the toons that are still at 85 =P

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    Mounts and pets, alts, and perhaps mystery boxes on the BMAH. I could use something else that is always available and has set price which I could make a clear goal. I find myself not motivated by the unknown thing for unknown price that might come up on the BMAH.

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    Alts is the cure for too much gold!

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    Mounts and pets.

    I provide my own mats to make flasks, gems, cooking stuff. I get enchant mats from the spirit of harmony vendor and I tip enchanters.
    I may buy some mats to accelerate a profession leveling but that's pretty much it. I never buy gear/weapons... really not worth it unless I have the mats.

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    Potion of illusion, way to many... haha

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    Repairs and flying skills since all I do is leveling nowadays
    Retribution pvp, check out the trailer!

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    Pets, mounts, and mog.

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    The usual, gem enchant reforge repair,
    spend most of my cash on alt or low level toon with mega gems and mega enchant

    I spent some cash on brawler guild invite and never tried it
    I spent some cash on the warlock tome for the green fire quest , i stopped at the door of the black temple, just didnt have the motivation and the energie to switch on my warlock after all, and continue to play my pally

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