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    Most important priority for my Resto at the moment?

    I'm working on gearing up this toon and found a guild who wants my resto shammy for 25 raiding and 10's on the weekend. I'm only 503 ilvl right now and stuck as to what would be more beneficial as an up and coming healer in a 25 setting. They know I'm not geared so being bottom on meters is not important at the moment, but I know some of my core mechanics and CD's can help out a ton. Here's my stats currently, I just switched over from Crit reforge to starting to see how I like a heavier mastery focus, problem is, I was also looking at the haste cap (3756 or whatever it is) and stopped just short of falling under that to see how it worked out.

    Int: 14,654
    Hast: 3,783 14.35%
    Crit: 1,738 10.88%
    Mastery: 6,297 55.48%

    Now this is me only reforging a few things and not going below the 3760 haste mark, I can fully reforge into mastery if hitting that mark for haste isnt as important as increasing my mastery, or should I just go back to crit mark? Any help appreciated.

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    as a fellow shami who has just contrasted myself from 10 man to 25man (i raid heroic aswell) i would suggest haste. mastery is good but only for certain fights like megeara/iron qon/council as due to the number of healers u have people being low enough for a long enough duration is not likely in 25man. crit isnt as good in 25man in fact its no were near as good and i knw this because i stacked crit in 10man and basically geared myself to 520ilvl with a crit focus and honestly numbers was shocking in 10man crit is used as a subsequent for high amounts of spirit but spr is better in 25man. the thing i found is that u need haste to get spells out at a rate in which you can make them count with my crit build i found that i could really only do healing when there was aoe dmg as my spot healing was 2 slow to make up for anything and aoe healing with crit will also mean less healing.

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    Well I do like the heals I'm seeing with the way I am right now, but do you really think the haste point I'm at is needed or should I buff up my mastery line some more and focus more on deep healing...we are starting on Tortos tonight and I'm thinking mastery heavy might be better for aoe? or am I reading it backwards?

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    i wudnt drop below the haste cap personally and as for mastery i wud just try it and see i personally hold no value from it i get my 50% and thats it. i can see were ur coming from by using it on tortos and if its on normal and ur just progressing it i can see it being helpful however depending on what ur healing set up is it could end up being worthless if u manage 2 have a healing cd up for every quake stomp as thats were the only dmg comes from it cud become negated extremely quickly as cds tend to get the raid up in 10man pretty fast. the best thing u cud prob does is just try the diff builds and see what ends up best.

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    Reforge your mastery until you are close to 50%, but not below. Crit will do more than the extra 5-6% Mastery you have, overall.

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    I can't figure out how to post an armory link via my phone but anyhow, the 55% mastery is without most items re-forged, so I have quite a bit I could go up. If anyone would be kind enough to take a look, the toon is

    Windrunner-us server

    Im using the staff cause of a lack of shield drops at the moment, I know its frowned upon but the staff is the best I got.

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    The 3756 breakpoint is pointless. Not that the additional totem ticks are crap, but they are completely random. I mean, you may get them while being very far away from the breakpoint.

    If you want just enough haste to get additional totem ticks, you'll need to look at WoL and count your totems heals, and then decide if you have too little or too much haste.

    Else, you can just gear without caring for the totem breakpoints. That is, if you want to gear for haste (which I'd do myself, because I think 45-50% mastery is enough for the rare occasions where it'll come into play, but your mileage may vary), go for it, and you'll get more totem ticks in the way. But don't necessarily stop at the 3756 breakpoint.

    PS : Are you really getting some use off Glyph of Healing Wave ? I noticed (by looking in WoL), that the healing provided by it was very low, with very high overhealing (>80%) because I often don't use HW when many people need heals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zahia View Post
    The 3756 breakpoint is pointless.

    It is pointless because the breakpoint is 3764.

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    Reforge your mastery until you are close to 50%, but not below.
    I don't see any problems with having, for example, 48% mastery. Please enlighten me why you consider 50% mastery to be some kind of breakpoint.

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    Don't Listen to shamans that say you need 50% mastery, You Need ATLEAST 46%+
    Mastery: Increases the Healing done to targets by 46% Based on if there Below Or Higher than 46%. You Clearly don't need 50%

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    Pretty sure the minimum number you need to have is 39%. You should have at least 39%. (if you think about it long enough you might chuckle)
    Seriously though, there is no exact % where players should swap it crit vs mastery, as you get more crit the value of mastery goes up, as you get more mastery the value of crit goes up. I recommend a ratio of the two... I ran 3:2 crit:mastery until I had the ilvl go high haste breakpoint, which is roughly 515 if you get lucky with itemization on the drops you get, 520ish if you don't.

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    Reforging off all mastery I'm at 52%.. and you won't see any difference between 46% and 48% and no difference between 48% and 50%. This can go on all day.

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    So after a week of raiding with my new guild, and getting some progression going my stats are looking a bit more promising:

    Intellect 16247
    Spirit 12804
    Mastery 43.35%
    Spell Power 24687
    Haste 24.56% (7916)
    Crit 13.25%

    This is me playing around with values trying to get to the haste breakpoint to see if I could sustain mana in 25's. Now I've only ran an quick LFR to see how it held up and it was a bit more fun having to really concentrate on what I'm putting out there. I know what numbers you run is about how comfortable you are with your ability to do your job, but any suggestions?


    Again, this is just myself trying to push the cap and see if it was possible, nothing more, but any insight appreciated as I need to lock something down before next week. Keep in mind out progression is only 7/12 TOT reg for 25man, obviously for 10's I'm going different, but for now I cant make schedule so I need to focus 25

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