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    Looking for Some Analysis - Heroic Tortos 10 Man

    Hello everyone,

    My guild started attempts last night on Heroic Tortos 10 man. We're struggling with our heals and ould like to know what comps you guys are using and to see if anyone would so kindly check out logs to see what we can do to improve that portion of the fight.

    We attempted at first with a mistweaver (myself) and a disc priest, but then swapped out the priest for an hpally. Thinking we'll try holy priest and mistweaver tonight, although I see quite a few successful logs with mistweaver and hpally.

    I've been making sure to spread renewing mist to the raid before the quake, and then Chi Brew and uplift right after and/or revival when it's up.


    Thanks in advance.

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    First of all, you're lacking the basic things. It's not really a healing problem, it's more a mechanic problem.
    (It might be a healing problem, but I'm no healer so I can't comment on that)

    I just browsed through your 2+ Minute logs.

    You have the same type of death over and over again:

    - Tanks die from Cave Bats
    - Tanks die from Rockfall + Snapping Bite
    - Healers/DPS die from Cave Bats
    - Healers/DPS die from Rockfall direct hits
    - Your Shaman died from aggro/snapping bite on one try? Whats up with that!?
    - Your Warrior died from 4 Rockfall ticks without a Quake Stomp occuring. That means you're stacked too tightly.

    Also - something really important - you are playing like heroic, heroic mode tortos.

    You have no strong self-healing Tank. You're playing with 2 Healers. And you are trying to kill the bats rather than kite them.
    Thats like the hardest way you can do tortos.

    Most guilds tank Tortos with a strong self-healing tank to help the healers. BrM / Pally / DK. It's basically a 3rd healer.
    You guys don't have that. Not sure how strong the Druid Heal is nowadays.

    To add to that, tanking the bats and AoEing them down will result in more Rockfalls in Melee Range. That means, you will have to heal more melees / the tank takes additional damage.
    That will hurt your healers aswell.

    Tortos is not hard at least guild will tell you he is not hard. But thats with One-Tanking Prot Pally, Or tanking with a Self-healing tank while Kiting the adds.
    But the way you play it / the lineup you have makes him quite hard. Especially since you just recently killed Jin + Ji-Kun and lack heroic gear (you still have a high average itemlevel though somehow..)

    Not sure that helps you at all - but if you can manage to kite those adds with your monk (he doesnt have to have gear, just stamina) and sub in a 3rd healer (you have a 3rd healer, dont you?), you will have an easier time killing this boss than what you try now.
    It's not undoable. It's just insanely harder than kiting with your lineup.


    Anyway - tips to optimize

    - Gather your Cave Bats better. You have a hunter -> MD to your tank. Have your tank intercept them early before landing (AoE Spells). You mustn't have a healer get hit even once.
    - Try to not clump up your melees so much. Give your Maintank space so he doesnt get hit by rockfall that often. He wont be helping on adds much though - but it should make it easier to heal.
    - Stunlock those bats after shooting a Turtle through them and then bomb them while cleaving the boss. Don't let them heal up (i.e. dont let your tank drop below 500k?) while dealing damage to them or you will carry them over into the quake stomp
    - Have your ranged spread out in a 180% degree in the room. Make sure nobody needs to move that much / not 2 people have to move away from turtles etc.. This will result in less hectic and less rockfalls damage. Give them fixed positions to orientate on if you need to
    - Make sure everyone has a topped of shield for every quake stomp. Have your healers track it via grind (or sth like that). Its a 2nd Debuff you get when you have a full shield. Give it the highest prio so that you will always see it. Make sure everyone is really topped off before the stomp.
    - Nobody can get hit by a direct Rockfall - not even once!
    - 70% slow those turtles so you have even more movement / hectic
    - Have a fixed healing rotation. One healers takes the raid, one takes the tanks. The tank healer helps out on raid when tanks are topped off.

    Other then that, there's really not much to do other than practice practice practice

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    First off have your priest switch to halo for this fight it is very good for topping shields up quickly
    We use either holy priest/resto druid or holy priest/holy pally for this fight but I think any combination would work
    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=2781&e=3229 logs from our nonkite strat kill
    Second your uptime on crystal shell seems very low for a lot of people , in our logs shell had a 70+% uptime some of yours have 30% or less. Make sure people are getting their shields ASAP as soon as they are topped up. If damage reduction personals are used and shields are full before the stomp a lot of the time you won't even lose it
    As mentioned above make sure your hunter is mding bats to keep them off your healers/dps
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    Blood DK is actually pretty strong for H Tortos. 1 Blood Worm pop = everyone's shield gets maxed.

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