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    Blizzard is not EA and no in game advertising for that stupid looking racing snail movie is wanted or needed.

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    is it just me or does that snail look like Jar Jar Binks?

    edit: nope, NatePsychotic thinks so too. lol

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    The racing snail came first, folks. If anything... Jar Jar looks like him. Not the other way around. :P

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    What a great idea! <3
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    A snail mount would be awesome, but your snails face makes me uncomfortable.

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    Id rather have a less ugly version of Falcor as a mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keile View Post
    Riding Snail

    You mount on your giant mollusc and slowly (but surely) ride into battle.
    This is a very slow mount.

    Decreases movement speed by 60%
    I don't think they will ever add mounts slower than run speed.. But a +0% could work.. We already have a turtle mount that does that..

    Maybe a snail mount, could also include a sort of wall-climbing ability..
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    Quote Originally Posted by frogger237 View Post
    Id rather have a less ugly version of Falcor as a mount.
    We have that. It's the Heart of the Aspects and it is available in the pet store :P As for the snail mount, I really think it would be fun to have. I would even be ok with it being a 60% speed mount (at all times). Just a fun idea and something to add to the ever growing collection of mounts.

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