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    Caster DPS with a Heals OS - For PVP

    So been trying to get into PVP this expansion, being having a really hard time as melee.

    I thought I'd switch to a caster instead. However, I am staying away from the pure DPS specs such as Mage and Warlock cause I was hoping to chain run dungeons from 15-85/90 and healing through them and then also probably healing in PVP. This is now purely for a PVP perspective. Will not be doing any PVE at level 90.

    I was wondering which on the 3 Caster DPS - Heals would be a good class to get into i.e Priests, Druids, Shamans ?

    P.S Please don't take this as another what class. Just don't really know much a bout them since the changes. I know that Druids were weak last expansion and Shamans had their totems reworked.

    Thanks all.

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    shadow priest boomkin or ele shamy, pick which one you like more..

    shadow priest will give you the best chance for arena but you will not make it into any rbg's unless you're disc.

    so look what you want to do, and just pick the style you will enjoy at 90

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    of those choices I'd go elemental, purely because lightning is cool =D

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    For the forseeable future, Boomie's are going to be very attractive to RBG groups. Multidotting and using Starsurge procs on the focus target is a ton of damage, Solar Beam is extremely powerful (even after the nerf, it'll be very good), and Tranq is a powerful raid CD. While opinions may differ, I'd regard Spriests as a poor man's Boomkin in RBGs.

    Arena? Eh, play what you like. All of them are solid in caster cleaves. If you're not shooting for glad, the difference isn't that big of a deal.

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