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  • Human

    73 42.20%
  • Orc

    2 1.16%
  • Night Elf

    12 6.94%
  • Troll

    2 1.16%
  • Dwarf

    7 4.05%
  • Forsaken

    3 1.73%
  • Gnome

    16 9.25%
  • Tauren

    13 7.51%
  • Draenei

    17 9.83%
  • Blood Elf

    1 0.58%
  • Worgen

    5 2.89%
  • Goblin

    6 3.47%
  • Pandaren

    16 9.25%
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    Most Boring Playable Race

    A simple thread, based upon your opinion, perhaps to do with character model, there lore, there overall appeal (or lack there of), or anything else, what warcraft race do you find the most boring.

    Note, this isn't a poll for 'which warcraft race do I dislike the most', because disliking a race is very different to finding them boring... unless thats the reason you dislike them, then that can slide.


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    Human, I don't dislike them but they are so cliché filling the role of WASP in the diverse (and real-world human inspired) cultures of WoW.

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    Goblin, most horrible race in the game!
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Going to nominate human, but strangely enough, if I played alliance, most all of my toons would be human. Why would I play a "boring" race? Them racials; bonus to rep helps with catching up (since I would just create new characters vs. paying out the nose to faction transfer) and always having a pvp trinket = win. Basically they are boring because in my mind, it's go human or go home (in terms of alliance races).

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    I like the draenei and even have a few of them, but good lord are they dull. It's the only race I've played so far that just feels like it has absolutely no place in the world around it. (duh?)
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    Human because human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Goblin, most horrible race in the game!
    Glad Im not alone in thinking this

    I wouldn't call them boring, just annoying. Boring probably goes to humans.
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    Human, because they have nothing special different to real life. they're just average in everything, and they're always pushed to higher positions despite there being more interesting and better suited races all the time.

    I'd also have to nominate pandaren, for the suffer from same problem, they want to be balanced, they want balance, equality etc, and this means less interesting stuff since they're always on the balance and they come out as a boring race.

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    No race is boring, each race have their own specialities like in real life, each race has something that distinguishes them. Most race i dislike ingame is Pandaren though.

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    Humans, simply because they do nothing to break out of the standard fantasy human mold. They even spread their blandness around, making the other members of the alliance more boring by association.

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    Pretty much all of my Alliance characters are human. I like them. Now, they run and jump horribly, but I still like them. The only race I can't stand is worgen. Their looks, run and jumping are all terrible.

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    I'm actually surprised human is winning the poll. I think they're one of the most interesting Alliance races easily, behind worgen and night elf. Anyway, I'd say troll is the most boring. Even gnomes and goblins have their silly technology, and draenei history is interesting enough to make up somewhat for their complete lack of a roll in the present. Trolls have nothing, talk stupid, look stupid, and largely act stupid. There's just nothing remarkable about them at all, on any level. I'd almost tie them with dwarves as the worst, but dwarven architect is cool, so I'm giving them the honor of second most boring.

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    Draenei ugh, ugly sobs I'll never play one.

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    Humans gnomes and pandaren, all are boring, and do nothing interesting. (other then being cannon fodder for sem-important events)

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    Troll especially woman troll

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    I'll play any other race in the game before I willingly create a Human toon.
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    Humans and Elves bore me the most. Elves because they're so done to death in the fantasy genre. I'm just tired of them. Give me crazy monstrous races any day. I voted Human.

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    Humans, easily. I have a hard time understanding why you'd want to play a fantasy role-playing game and play the one race you actually are.

    I mean, yeah, you can play the same race as yourself but with superhuman powers ... but the customization options / general appearance make it hard for me to believe anyone can make a Human WoW avatar that closely resembles themselves.
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    Most boring would be gnomes. They're not that visually appealing and they are just not active at all. Where are the gnome "heroes"? Where's Gelbin? They need some spotlight before I can find a decent interest in them.

    Same goes for Dwaves, Draenei and Worgen really... aaand sorta the Night Elves too... Really, the Alliance need some love in the spotlight of lore, I wanna see how awesome they can be. Only reason Gnomes win (lose?) are cuz:

    We had Muradin in Wrath and now we're getting Moira.
    Had Night Elves around in Cata and on Pandaria.
    Draenei had some love in TBC and likely will once a Legion expansion comes out.
    Worgen are cool looking... That's it really...

    So yeah... Alliance... They need some lore...

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    Goblin. They look boring, they have no role in the story, and they have arguably the worst starting zone in the game.
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