View Poll Results: Most boring race

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  • Human

    73 42.20%
  • Orc

    2 1.16%
  • Night Elf

    12 6.94%
  • Troll

    2 1.16%
  • Dwarf

    7 4.05%
  • Forsaken

    3 1.73%
  • Gnome

    16 9.25%
  • Tauren

    13 7.51%
  • Draenei

    17 9.83%
  • Blood Elf

    1 0.58%
  • Worgen

    5 2.89%
  • Goblin

    6 3.47%
  • Pandaren

    16 9.25%
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  1. #41
    I can't, in my right mind, think of why anyone would find goblins boring!
    They're possibly the craziest race out there. You get the smugness, the good looks and explosions!
    Ah well..

    I voted human for the 'obvious' reasons. Human irl already.

  2. #42
    Can't take Pandarens seriously. Their whole theme and lore is interesting but they just look weird in armor and as fantasy characters.

  3. #43
    I would vote male human. I like the female human overall though. If it has be a race as a whole I would probably pick Tauren or gnome....

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    Human for me, I am human, I want to take sometime out of being a human when i log onto wow, I don't have anything against Humans as a race in WoW, it's just not the kind of race I want to play when indulging in my fantasy game.

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    Pandas for me man

    inb4 MoP hater

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    Pandaren Monk Slummish's Avatar
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    Humans and Orcs are, by far, the least interesting of all the races. Their animations and models are garbage. Hell, half the time, human and orc arms look like they're attached to the torso by a handful of Silly Putty any time they raise them above shoulder-level.

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