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    H Tortos 10 help

    Hello all and thanks for reading this. I am looking for some help regarding this fight as we were stuck on it pretty long last night and never really made any progress. We are going to be using the 1 tank 2 heal strategy as one of our tanks will not be able to be here our next raid night

    Group composition:
    Prot pally
    Resto Druid
    Holy Paladin
    Balance Druid x2
    Surv. Hunter (can go BM if needed)
    Rogue (can play either spec)
    Frost/Unholy DK
    Ele Sham
    Frost Mage

    We also have a disc priest who will be sitting if need be and a Brewmaster monk but he won't be here for the next raid

    Anyways. We tried a multitude of things last night and always seemed to get stuck at the exact same point in the fight, and we just couldn't seem to make any progress on this fight whatsoever and now I'm stuck. People getting crystals wasn't the issue nor was killing the bats. It was the tank getting gibbed almost automatically when the bats came down and sometimes the turtles would die fast enough other times they wouldn't die fast enough.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    And we are 4/13 HC with Jinrokh, Horridon, Ji-Kun and Iron Qon killed.

    Thank you
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    I can't look at the logs because I'm on the go, but one tanking is sketchy and probably isn't worth it. Either get a monk or dk to kite or just get a second tank and kill them. As to turtles, 4 dps should be enough to keep up with the spawns and have some downtime. Our groups uses the extra turtles to debuff the new set of turtles. You will always have enough after the second set considering 3 come out and then 2 are used.

    Disc is almost useless for this fight and if you do need a priest, holy is much better.

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    Thing is we have no choice our next raid night but to try and one tank it, unless we have our rogue come in on his bear and be the 2nd tank.

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    Only looked at the first 2 deaths - Death1: your prot paladin takes a stomp without sotr, and then a bite without sotr. Obviously this will kill you since bats were still up. Death2: again the paladin takes bites from tortos without sotr. Really, get him to fix this before looking at anything else, taking bites/stomps without sotr up whilst bats are alive is death 99 times out of 100.

    I notice you have a disc priest in your log, will he be there every time? I can't claim my guilds tactic to be the best but when I solo tank this I make absolute sure that we have a cooldown rotation for bat packs. Something like this:

    Holy Avenger
    Guardian of Ancient Kings
    Pain Suppression
    Holy Avenger
    Barrier + Ironbark
    Guardian of Ancient Kings
    Pain Suppression
    Repeat ad infinitum, or at least until the boss is dead.

    Also have him spec unbreakable spirit and glyph divine protection, it lets him use it on every pack. Also also have that shaman use capacitor totem on every pack!

    Edit - dug a bit further. 30% uptime on SotR... uhm, wat? That's less than half what it could be considering he's haste stacked according to armory. Which brings up another point, like 9.6% hit and he's reforging other stats away instead of the hit? I'm sorry of this is coming across as overly bashy but single tanking tortos requires your tank to be at the top of his game (okay maybe not the top, but he needs to be at least somewhat decent) and everything I'm looking at suggests this guy doesn't really know what he's doing.
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    Tank shield should be topped before bats land. Bats should die before the next stomp. If tank shield falls off stun the bats immediately and let him go get a new one, top it up before he tanks them again. Other than that, your prot pally is bad, I doubt he can 1 tank this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NesQuek View Post

    Disc is almost useless for this fight and if you do need a priest, holy is much better.
    Dunno, we've 2 healed with Disc/Resto Druid just fine. Our Priest did try to go Holy but she was too rusty playing it and just went back to Disc. Not saying Holy isn't better for someone who can play it but just saying that Disc works fine (although smart healing on this fight in general is shit).

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    If the bear u can get is geared enough get a second tank. I tanking this fight is totally unforgivable if ur tank misteps, and i can guarantee you that the moment his shield drops, which wont happen if he is using cds for the full duration hes tanking bats, and the problem is, its hard to have so many cds as 20% from divine protection just isnt enough.
    I do think u should 1 tank it, since the experience doing it is quite fun,but i don't recomend that you progress on this fight w/o 2nd one.

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    - if your Mage is able to go Fire, he will nearly do the turtles Solo (Wave 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 and so on) he only needs help on 2 ,4 , 6 ,8 just multidots on the otherone, he/she have to work on Combustion.
    It should look like this (our Moonkin died two times, early on so normally he will do round about 20.000.000-30.000.000 on the Turtles too.
    Gear from Mage 522 to this kill.

    - Use your MonkTank to kite the Bats all the time.
    - never let diaper the shild from the Tortos Tank.
    - Use a Hand of protection Rotation on one Heal for every stomp of Tortos, this heal can Spam on the Tank without 2sec interrupt.

    hope it will help

    greetings PJ
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    Your prot pala is not playing well enough for you to be able to 1 tank it. He gets hit by Rockfall, he doesn't have Sotr up for snapping bites. With bats on him as well, he will die.

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