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    Question Need some helo killing kanrethad trollocke

    Back when 5.2 got released and 76 rare kills, got my tome, the first boss was pathetic
    Kanrethad, at 490 ilv and alot of money wasted later=I get him to 2nd felhunter phase!
    Cant just manage it, im 508 ilv lock (Lfr geared and valor), know it like my own shoe
    How do i manage it..? was hellalot of time ago i tried him, but my economy has gone down (Dont have enough for repairs on him)
    Got macros for felhunters etc etc?
    Mod, please dont lock this topic
    Last edited by Narwhalosh Whalescream; 2013-05-20 at 03:15 PM. Reason: Kanrethad is trolling me >:(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Interitus View Post
    Mod, please dont lock this topic
    Sorry, but Sakpoth has linked you the threads we allready have open on this topic, and we don't allow threads on the same topic if there is an active thread for it allready. Take care to look for a thread to post your question in before posting a new thread next time please.


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