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    Server question(s).

    So this is my first time playing wow, and i made my character on Frostwhisper eu.
    I got that character to 85 and now i wonder... did i make the right choice? Is the server i'm playing on good?
    Should i change my server? Can some people that play on Frostwhisper eu give me some pros/cons and suggest servers (pve, pvp (if horde is equal or slightly wining, so i can make both horde and aliance chacters if i so choose)?

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    First, I would suggest you to stop reading the forums and just visit the main page if you want to enjoy the game :P

    Second, it depends on what you want to do in the game. Do you want to pvp or pve? If you want to pve, its an okay server. There are some good guilds.

    If you want to pvp, not a great server tbh.

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