Armory in my sig, but question im struggling with seen as we have upgrades coming on wednesday, trinkets . .

First of all i play destro and i dont play the other specs, regardless i am gna keep Uvls because reacting to it feels rewarding and the ember gain is quite immense especially when you can havoc immolate, Which trinket would you guys line up with this, my options as im only 10/13 heroic atm would be potentially heroic hydra and wush but atm i have the following.

Normal Hydra
Normal Cha-ye

I also plan to coin either Hydra or Wush heroic this week, i have no experience with wush, but seen as my crit is low i was thinking that wush would probably end up being better than even heroic hydra (which literally never procs, i get about 15-20% uptime most of the time with the normal version).

Which trinket is best paired with Uvls for destro.