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    Help me decide optimal offspec!

    Hey lads.

    I am currently 6/13 HC, and I love playing Affliction.

    I know how to play all specs (Not that great @ Demo yet), but I would like to know which of Demo and Destro should be my OS for ToT.

    I play Aff on every fight I can get away with it.

    Of the bosses I killed I play:

    Jinrohk : Aff.

    Horridon : Destro (We still have "problems" with this boss, and me being destro is lethal atm, but should soon be able to play Aff).

    Tortos: Aff

    Megara: I was Destro for our first kill, as I had to tank the adds (Just a rogue as melee). This could be done as Demo aswell.

    Ji Kun: Destro, (On 3 or more nests) could be done as Demo aswell.

    Iron Qon: Aff

    Thoughts on future bosses:

    Council: Aff/Demo (Demo best).

    Durumu: Demo/Destro

    Primo: All can work I guess. Destro best?

    Dark Animus: Aff.

    Twins: Aff.

    Lei Shin: Demo / Destro (Demo best)

    Ra-Den. Depends on role, all 3 should work.

    Would Aff/Demo be a viable combo for ToT, or should I stick to Aff/Destro?

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    I read your post but I find that its difficult for us to help you decide. If you are asking whether Affliction/Demo is viable in ToT in terms of Heroic Raiding, then the answer is Yes. Many heroic raiders are running with Affliction/Demo and making good progress. In fact, both of them have similar secondary stat preferences (Haste,Mastery, Avoid Crit).

    I don't think there is really an optimal offspec this expansion. All three specs are very very viable even at high-end raiding.

    Ultimately, what offspec you choose depends on a lot on the needs of your Guild. And you are the only person that knows that the best. Are you having specific problems on certain bosses that require you to stick to Destro? Are you limited to Destro due to certain issues with raid composition? For Horridon, I can tell you that affliction is definitely viable for it. You don't need Destro.

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