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    Oh really! I didn't know that. Thanks so much!

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    I did this last night after a couple of hours on it, just read this thread and I disagree with what people say about the gear (i'm 508). having high level gear doesn't stop you getting 1 shot by the chaos bolt, or the cataclysm, or getting owned by the imps or the felhunters if you don't manage them properly, and how the felhunters can remove the enslave if you don't move the pit lord, neither does it remove the dots the boss puts on you all the time. If it does anything it makes it shorter, but you only get 2 waves of felhunters and 2 doomlords the rest is just imps(infinite embers for less than 20% nukage). if you utilise the 100% extra damage during the pitlord stun dps is really not an issue. Not gonna pretend to be special and say it was easy because it wasn't, its hard if you're not a warlock veteran, I'm fairly new to warlock class and this give a great feeling to kill.

    and the green fire looks fucking awesome!
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