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    Quote Originally Posted by Mataru View Post
    Perhaps I should have formulated myself differently, but I didn't say WW is a 100% loss in dps, that doesn't make any sense. I said "100% a dps loss" as in definitely a dps loss. It comes down to whether a 0.5 sec pause on your swing timer is more or less of a dps loss than 30 rage spent on WW instead of HS/WS/whatever. I'm inclined to believe the difference is completely negligible and it just comes down to personal preference. I prefer not to kite around the boss and risk being out of smokebomb/barrier/running in front/back of the boss just as swipe hits and other unforeseen contingencies and be able to maintain my single target rotation as optimal as possible. In the end its your preference vs. my preference and unless someone does the math for it neither of us can claim one way is superior to the other.
    How about at that point in the fight it doesn't matter since you can just kite the add.

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    The kiting strategy works best for me as well. You don't have to stay stacked on the raid more than a couple of seconds per minute since the raid is not taking any damage at all except for the dire calls. And even for this you can pop into def stance and you are fine. The dire call will not one shot you if you are on full HP, and going def stance makes it trivial.

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    Guess I'll try kiting around the boss next week then. I suppose I never really considered that throw pauses your melee swings before reading this thread so I never felt the need to kite it before. Obviously if you kite and never have to use anything to knock the dino back that is most optimal for dps, but if I find myself in a spot where I have to knock it back I would still prefer throw over WW, for now.

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    I can confirm that taunt does work on direhorn spirit.
    I didn't think about the piecing howl talent. probably because Disrupting shout is needed from me as I normally interrupt dino mender with it in the raid. but im sure someone can take over.
    I use WW range glyph because of the spirit and because i can get some hits on boss. I feel it improved my dps as well.

    although the piercing looks to be a nice way of knocking back. when i used WW I felt i had no rage at some points and I had to throw to get the spirit away from me. granted i lose some dps using howl but it only uses 10 rage rather than 30 pus sometimes the spirit would sometimes be too far for WW so that's wasted rage . so there was alot of missed executes

    I did try using (would use symbol but it wont let me) [atdirehorn spirit] macro for taunt and HT but it didn't work. so i'm gonna try =direhorn. unless someone can confirm that for me.

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    You can only use one word, Ganfall.

    My macro goes like /cast [target=Direhorn] Reckoning
    Fallout 4 Hype!

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    I used individual macros not all in one macro XD
    sorry for not putting that.

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