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    [Feral] How RNG dependent is feral DPS?

    I'm wondering if any raiding feral druids can answer some questions for me concerning the RNG aspects of the spec.

    How dependent on RNG such as trinket/enchant procs is feral DPS? I realize that more trinket procs means more DPS and that DPS fluctuates due to the nature of RNG but I'm wondering how much of an effect it has on ferals.

    Does the feral rotation/priority change drastically with trinket procs?

    Does a good feral druid pay close attention to their procs and act accordingly or is it mostly about sticking to your usual feral priority and letting trinkets do their thing?

    Say you're progressing on a fight - does your DPS vary by a large amount from attempt to attempt based on a few procs or will the DPS between attempt be fairly uniform given the same amount of procs, even if those procs don't happen at uniform times?
    Like a 10 minute fight with 20 procs roughly 30 seconds apart would pull similar numbers to the same fight with 20 procs but some of those procs are back to back and some minutes apart?

    I realize such questions can be difficult to answer so any other input is appreciated.

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    Basically it depends. We're an energy class, and we have not really a rotation, but more of a priority list style of play. Trinket procs will cause excellent feral druids to evaluate when to apply their dots - be it one or two seconds earlier/later. The overall increase in dps will be in most cases relatively small - the exception to this could be when bosses are at roughly 20-25% and you're re-applying Rip. Rip will not update stats if refreshed (and can only be refreshed, rather than re-applied when the boss is below 25% health). At this point feral dps can be greatly increased by applying a single rip which takes into account most available buffs. An example of this would be applying Rip to Jinrok, with blades, superluminal, dancing steel and the agility potion all active - while standing in the pool to increase your damage.

    Overall the damage swing between encounters could theoretically be very large, however in practise RNG averages out, so you should see roughly similar numbers between attempts. Depending upon which trinkets are in use (rppm), the shorter the encounter, the wider the margin - as a general rule of thumb anyway.
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    DPS depends on lucky trinket procs - Juju proccing on the start? - nice dps, not proccing - mediocre. And also lucky Rune of origination proc on with 5 cp and juju active greatly increases your dps, because when RoR procs with out energy and with out CP - its almost a waste of proc=crap dps. So feral rng now is trinkets only.

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    It is very important to refresh your dots during procs. At current gear levels you have enough combo points that this is not a big issue so you shouldn't see large swings due to the spec. For progression Feral has more of a ramp up while learning the fight because of the intricate nature of the rotation. Feral does have a major scaling issue and Warlocks are leagues above Feral now if you are considering switching. If you are asking regarding another player Feral is substantially undertuned but if he is not refreshing his dots during procs that would have a noticeable effect on his DPS.

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    You should never wind up missing a 5-pt rip on a rune proc. If you are pooling energy around 50-60 then even if it procs when on CP's on the target you have enough time to get 5cps. And a 4-pt rip is still better than a 5-pt with no rune proc, so keep that in mind.

    Yes trinket procs increase dps by quite a bit for ferals. But your dps is not going to vary by huge amounts if played properly.

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    When blizzard introduced RPPM trinkets, they instantly made feral a bit reliant on RNG to really do well. It does mostly smooth out over the course of a whole fight, as you can get so much use out of each trinket proc. The only time where RNG WILL be able to fuck your dps is during two times! The pull and the execute rip. If I get a Superluminal and a 10 stack rentaki + tiger's fury then my dps goes through the roof (still didn't get a rune ><). If I have a 10 stack rentaki or just a superluminal then my dps is mediocre.
    Now.. I generally always beat the other dpssers in my team on recount. But say there was a lot of AoE (ball lightnings) going out, and the frost dk is on top. I know if I will be able to beat him or not, depending on my execute rip.

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