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    HC Council 10man - Tips needed w/ logs

    Hello Every1

    I am Adlon, RL of Sanctuary 10man 6/13 HC Guild, nice to meet you

    I/we got some problems on Council, we havent had many tries yet, but tips are appreciated.

    Frostbite seems to be going well now, the problem we got is mainly dps.

    The switching, the bursting, the whatever has to be done with dps.

    Positioning might be useful for some of this, ideas of what to do when might be good for whatever

    Well gna post our logs, for u to see where we can improve, and for u to tell us how


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    1. Sand Bolts are getting through and causing deaths. Set up an interrupt rotation between your Rogue, Sul tank, and Shaman. Don't let any through.
    2. Dark Power is going off and hitting for a long time. People need to be on the correct target and not dead.

    Open with Hero and burn Sul initially. After 20-30s (depending on your DPS), have all DPS except your rogue swap to the possessed target. Leave your rogue on Sul until Sul dies. Continue cleaving everything and drag Mar'li into a pile with Sul and Malakk when she is empowered, and back out after.

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    It's not that simple. I've done it on 25 man and often we find ourselves allowing Dark Power to happen (specially the first two ones) for a couple seconds. That is to ensure maximum uptime on Sul and also to wait for the High Priestess to spawn a second add while Malakk is empowered (that makes her skills go on cd so he doesn't pop Twisted Faith as soon as she gets empowered). This is quite critical to the fight and mastering those transitions. Apart from that, get cooldown rotations and you're set (since you said you're doing Frostbite well);

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    Here some tipps and tricks:
    - hand of protection from holypala, if his/her reacts are very good use it as fast as possible on the player with the blue arrow and the debuff won't come
    - Eisblock (Mage and Dudu) instadly if they have the blue arrow and the debuff won't come
    - i u got a debuff use all your Cooldown in a good rotation so keep him alive
    - Reg mana later on, still keep all your members alive
    - 2nd time Malak is active here comes your Battlerezzzzzzzzzz (:

    - let your diszipriest to be the one with the highest range to marli, and pin this spawning Add
    - the same thing let stand your diszi between marli and Sul while you dps Sul, if the Loa spawn, pin him and Multidot the loa (remeber you have 20sec to kill this spirit)
    - bringt marli to Sul and Malak while active

    - stack up (but only when Sul is death)
    - one have to stand round about 10 yards from the group

    DMG problem:
    - your Mage have to stand on #1, maybe he/she don't know it but combustion and Horrible cleave DMg is no + ultra there
    - Tell your Warlock, lower Aoe DMG while Sul is alive only on the Maintarget and Sul
    - Your Tanks definitly have to work with the revange they get, our Tanks have when the fight finished 280k DPS (together) maybe try to only taunt if there are more then 11 Stacks from Malak on one Tank and let tank the rest from one Tank.
    - rogue have to play combat (horrible AoE)

    i hope some tipps will help you.
    regards PJ
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    Okay so... quick rundown of our strat.

    One tank grabs Sul and taunts Malakk over to where Sul starts, both are kept on top of each other for cleave. Other tank builds about 3mill threat on Marli then comes over to where Sul/Malakk are.

    Make sure your multi-dotters aren't dotting up Marli, just Sul, Malakk and Khazra, this will ensure that Marli is the second empower as it is chosen by highest HP remaining.

    Use Lust off the bat (you're doing this already so yay) and burn the shit out of Sul. You want him at least down to 50% or lower. At around 70-75 energy on Malakk, we swap to him and finish him off pretty much right on Dark Power, a couple of ticks is okay though, won't kill you.
    Your PRIEST should be standing between Marli and Sul for this, using Void Tendrils on the Loa Spirit add. This will root it for 20 seconds and allow you to let melee keep focusing on boss damage while range kill it off.
    Your RESTO DRUID should be popping HotW at the start and nuking the shit out of Sul as well for the first 45secs.

    As soon as Empower switches to Marli, she is interrupted (make sure she's casting the dark version of her spam spell) and brought over into the pile with Sul and Malakk (more cleave woo). DPS start burning Sul again, and only start focusing Marli after the first Twist of Fate. Multidot and cleave damage on her is fine though before this. You want Sul to be down to around 25% or lower by the time Marli is unempowered. If you get a 3rd Twist of Fate, you'll need a bit more dps.
    Again, your PRIEST should be standing at range and move to Void Tendril the ranged Twist add. Range kill the range one, melee kill the melee one.

    After this, Khazra will empower, Marli should be pulled out to the side again, and Blessed Loa spirits rooted and killed by your priest/ranged. DPS take Sul down to around 10-15% then focus on getting Khazra down with some controlled DPS, watch raid frames and slow up if you're going to kill anyone. Tanks finish off Sul from 15% or lower.
    By the time Khazra is pulled out of empower Sul should be dead and Marli should empower again.

    Now quicksand and sandbolt are out of the fight, range can stack up at max range for twist and just work on dropping Marli before Dark Power hits 100 whilst cleaving and bringing Malakk as low as you're able to. Ideally, you want to break her empower just after a biting cold goes out, this way you can skip the Frostbite ability on next Malakk phase if you've brought him low enough to kill him in the 40ish second window between Frostbites.

    Once Malakk is unempowered, he should either be dead or <5% health, finish him then just stay cool and kill the other two during their following empowers, but you're pretty much home once Malakk is dead. Just be aware of raid damage during Khazra empowers.
    Also now the tanks aren't taking any melee damage they should be able to soak up heaps of soul fragment.

    As much as I hate linking this type of thing, feels like advertising, heres our vid of first kill to go with strat post : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZGgFWhPNk#t=30s

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    Pop lust and all CDs and do as much damage to Sul as you possibly can. Empowered frost bites can be cheesed by bubble, ice block and some druid symbiosis (DK/Rogue). If it's on a Shaman I would seriously contemplate just letting them flat out die and having them Ankh. You should only have three throughout the entire fight. We almost always let the person who gets the third one die (if we get one) because the debuff from the spirit thing plus the damage taken is quite a bit.

    We don't stack for empowered frost bites. Solo soak with personal CDs followed by external CDs as needed. Some classes need to be babied pretty hard, others have a very easy time.

    Our druid does HoTW during the second empower. Marlis empower if you do it right is the part of the encounter with the least amount of damage.

    Twisted fate is always on a melee DPS and on one of your range/healers. Just make sure range/healers aren't absurdly close and you should be fine. Priest with void tendrils is very nice for locking down a loa in non-empowered phases and the twisted fates during empowered times.

    It's basically all about doing normal mode efficiently. Full power isn't that scary on the first two empowers and will buy you time on Sul. If your DPS is lacking this is something you should go with. Full power for the first 6-7 seconds really isn't that bad. You don't however want to go into the first Kazra'jin empower and have to deal with full power as well, this will likely wipe your raid.

    Once Sul is dead and you beat the first Kazra'jin empower you should be set. Marli should empower again (remember to drag everything on top of her during her empower). At that point you treat Malakk as the kill target and the empowered target as a secondary. Unlike the first few empowers though you won't want to get full powers from this point on.

    Depending on your timing a REALLY good tip for the second Malakk empowerment is to push Marli (on her second empower) as soon as a non-empowered frost bite goes out. If you do it correctly you will enter a Malakk empowerment with a non-empowered frost bite out and will have a good 30 seconds before the next one goes out. If you have done sufficient damage to him throughout the encounter and keep this in mind, it's likely you won't have to deal with another frost bite. If you do, that's a good time to just let that person die and rez them.

    Ball is something you shouldn't complicate. Get to 8-10 stacks on all of your melee than cycle it through your range/healers. When Malakk/Sul are dead just throw them on the tanks for the rest of the encounter.

    Prioritize as much damage on Kazra'jin as you can after Malakk dies. It should be fine either way but having to do upwards of 25% of his health when he's the only one alive can really hurt.

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    The most optimal way to transition the bosses my group found is if they get ~3-5 seconds of Dark Power and then are pushed, this gives you a little more time to get prepared for the next empower and is usually easily healable, wouldn't recommend letting that for the first Malakk empower though as the frostbite damage + empower can be deadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvtPJ View Post
    Here some tipps and tricks:
    - hand of protection from holypala, if his/her reacts are very good use it as fast as possible on the player with the blue arrow and the debuff won't come
    Can someone confirm this please? I know that iceblock, bubble, cloak and so on work on that, but does HoP work too since its only immunity against melee hits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyna View Post
    Can someone confirm this please? I know that iceblock, bubble, cloak and so on work on that, but does HoP work too since its only immunity against melee hits?
    Of course it doesn't work. It's not a physical debuff. The ONLY paladin related immunity is bubble [on himself]

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    what we did is that sul was tanked with malakk so everyone could cleave and focus Sul(try to unpower malakk when he start casting his ability at 100 energy, this doesn't do much damage for the first few seconds). BL when you pull, focus sul, when malakk is no longer empowered, every dps go on the next one except the tanks and one dps with a good kick that stay on sul to kill him before he gets empowered and try to kick every sandbolt(he should die rather quickly).

    Pretty easy fight once you got 525 ilvl, you can 2 heal or 3 heal it(if 2 heal, be careful when kazra is empowered, make a dps assist heal in this phase maybe or put some dps on malakk, just don't kill yourself with the reflect)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oggyowl View Post
    Of course it doesn't work. It's not a physical debuff. The ONLY paladin related immunity is bubble [on himself]
    We havent killed it for various reasons, but on 10 man we bopped 4 people before the first frostbite, and skipped it entirely on a regular basis. Only problem is that it messes up your timers and you don't know when the next one comes (generally around the end of malakk's frost strike thing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by oggyowl View Post
    Of course it doesn't work. It's not a physical debuff. The ONLY paladin related immunity is bubble [on himself]
    plz don't say it won't work, if you never tryed it. here the proof @1:32 look to our diszipriest, he got the arrow and our holypala with superreactions give him Hand of Protection...

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