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    Horridon HC


    So we've been stuck on Horridon for 2 days not, just countless wiping. Our best tries got us to the 4th door where we died.

    Our tactic atm is

    1st door: Nuke 1st big add very hard, pop dots on the salamanders as they spawn to get them down aswell. 1st bigg add never dies before 2 jumps down, but he is about 15% when they do so he dies shortly after. When 2 big jumps down, we mark one with skull and he is new "focus". Our priority is dinomancer, salamander, wastewalker. Meaning as soon as dinomancer spawn everyone switch, nuke to 50%, then ignore him and go for salamanders or wastewalkers.
    This door is going decent, i still have to heal shitloads cause of all the debuffs going out. We made warlock sacrifice imp to assist on dispelling, but i still pop innervate here, and cause of that door 2 starts with me around 95%.

    2st door: Do some dps to charger add, but mostly get ready for venom priest. When venom come down EVERYONE singletarget nuuuukes her to get her down before she spawn effusion. Sometime we make it, sometime we dont. Doesnt matter if we make it or not, the only change is less healing. On 2nd door i pop Tranq on dire call since it's alot of damage with direcall + poison. When 2 priest come down we put 1 warr dps on unmarked priest to interrupt. Everyone else on marked one to nuke.

    3st door: Dinomancers, small adds, frost lords. We try to only have max of 4 small adds up at one time. And do mostly aoe here.

    4st door: we put 1 warr + 1 ranged dps on firecasters. We put all else on bears. Kill 1 bear, then 1 shaman. Then 1 bear, then 1 shaman.

    Never got further than this.

    Our setup is
    Prot pala
    prot pala

    Resto druid
    Resto paladin

    Arms warr
    fire mage
    frost mage
    balance druid
    affliction warlock
    elemental shaman.

    Any tips for me to make the fight easier?
    Or any tips i can bring to other people in the group?
    we dont use WoL since no one knows how to do it, but any tips would be appreciated.
    I know there are other threads, but they didnt help too much. Maybe some specific tips to a group like ours?

    Btw, we have 1 tank on boss all times.

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    Since you don't have world of logs I can't know for sure, but I'll do my best from the info given.

    It seems like you are handling the gates somewhat right however I don't think the best choice on the 3rd gate is to focus the smaller adds. Just have multidotters dot them while killing the frost lords (don't want too many ice orbs). You should have all classes that can dispell, dispell. On the venom gate you should have your resto druid symbiosis one of the prot palas for cleanse. The debuff should NEVER build high as both of the prot palas can dispell on CD (they wont ever run out of mana). If they say something stupid like "i'm here to tank, not to dispell" then tell them they aren't good enough for the fight with the mindset.

    On the 4th gate is where a lot of guilds are struggling. Main prio here needs to be the beast shamans and killing the bears one by one is generally the best. Make sure to have awareness of totems, heal the tank tanking the bears (He should save CDs for this) and make sure to kill the firemages. They do extreme damage and interrupting + killing them is highly recommended. They die in notime.

    After this the whole fight is generally have a damage reducing CD ready for Dire Call (either it's personals, spirit shell, barrier etc etc). Keep tanks alive in last phase (they take insane damage from boss + warlord) and control your dire call beast while doing as much DPS/HPS as possible. When the warlord jumps down hero & kill him.
    After the warlord is dead the raid doesn't take damage from anything BUT the dire call. Which means that you'll need to spam heal tanks and prioritize the raid less (wild growths & and a few holy radiances should be enough) don't stress heal the raid at this point.

    Hope it helps & good luck on Horridon!

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    You need to either provide some logs, or explain where you are having problems. Random deaths everywhere? Or doors one and two smooth but 3 problematic? Or mostly ony problems on door 4?

    Some comments to your described strategy:
    Door 1) Sounds decent. Without a priest mass dispelling melees and tank, you will need to heal a bit more, but going to door 2 with 95% mana is perfectly fine.
    Door 2) is the door that needs least healing. I would advise you to pop HotW as soon as the first add is there and dps the adds, only keeping Lifebloom up on the tank with a regrowth every 15s. Only switch back to healing if you get a venom bolt volley. Concerning those, you should never ever get more than 3 of those. If you do, change your strategy (better distribution of interrupts). The volleys can and must be interrupted. Two stacks are no problem, more get out of hand quickly. Use mushrooms on ranged camp for Dire Call (but Tranq at this point is perfectly fine, won't need it at 3rd door).

    Door 3) Focus on large adds, and AoE everything down. The only danger here should be the Mortal Strike on the add tank. Again use shrooms for Dire Call. If you struggle a lot on this phase, it might be a good idea to use Bloodlust, at least you can get safely to the 4th door and practice there.

    Door 4) Depends on what you are dying off. It's possible to have the Horridon tank also tank one bear if you have problems with add tank damage or cleaves. Interrupting fire casters is good but not absolutely necessary. Most important thing is to decurse immediately. Let your mages, shaman and boomkin handle that. Additionally, everyone with the curse needs to stop dps immediately. Only resume after being dispelled.

    Last phase is the most difficult healing-wise. Be prepared for those 500k hits on the tanks.
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    My team on first kill got issues with dpsing adds, we decided to tank swap on horridon when 2 big adds came down - thanks to that tank who switched from horridon got a lot of vengeance and help a lot more with fast adds killing.

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