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    Quote Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
    They neglected dungeons because it required "too much work". Then they shove dailies down everyone's throats as "content". Dailies = low effort, low quality content from Blizzard.
    Ye - ofc its the cheapest way to create 10 dailies and call it content and drag it on for months.

    But the reason why we dont have any dungeons now is that the entire dungeon and raid team are focusing on Raids this time around. Thats the ONLY reason why we have few extra bosses in MOP raids. They cut one aspect of the game to add to another. Thats not acceptable and BLizzard should have known better. But like with so much of this expansion... they didn't.

    Just wait next expansion. We be back to 6 boss raids and few dungeons when the real fix is to have 1 dungeon crew and one raid crew that the players that have payed for this game for 8 years REALLY deserve.

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    Hilarious Daily Blink, best in a long while -though a bit morbid lol.

    Enjoyed the Convert To Raid interview, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raone View Post
    Honestly the the best solution for them is to add a 3rd raid difficulty and make it harder (and make mechanics matter) then LFR, but easier then Normal. Then they won't have to nerf normal by 10-15% anymore because there is already a nerfed mode. Also pugs/alt runs would be happen more, and guilds who hit brick walls can turn the difficulty down to clear ... kinda like you do when trying to kill heroic bosses and time is running out for the week.

    The only flaw is people will be able to clear content faster, but you already can in LFR, so gate this "easier" difficulty the same way you gate LFR. Tons of positives and no negatives.

    Going back to the Wrath models (10's being easier) will piss off a lot of 10 man radiers and make a lot of people quit (including me), but adding a 3rd difficulty harder then LFR will make people happy without upsetting anyone. Plus I would probably log on more and run that with my alts/friends.
    You kinda solved the reverting of current 10 man to wotlk 10 problem with your own post.
    Add another 10 man difficulty at wotlk difficulty level for the family/casual guilds and people who hate lfr. Now you can pug again.
    They could also make it so this difficulty shares boss saves with lfr, so if you didn't finish a raid in this new difficulty you could do the rest in lfr, but you wouldn't feel forced to run this new difficulty in addition to lfr with the boss saves being shared.
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    Imho, having 25 drop higher ilvl througout is no-go anymore, 90% of raiders raid 10 and they wouldn't like that change.

    What they could do however, is that normal 25 drops normal thunderforged equivalent gear, where normal 10 drops normal gear, few leves lower as normal 25. But both drop the exact same heroic gear, to compensate for the slower & lower gearing on normal 10, maybe let bosses in drop 3 instead of 2 items, but only on normal.

    Something like that:

    Normal 25 - ilvl 630
    Normal 10 - ilvl 620
    Heroic 25 - ilvl 645
    Heroic 10 - ilvl 645
    Heroic 25TF - ilvl 655
    Heroic 10TF - ilvl 655

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Leader View Post
    The majority of the player base doesn't raid and yet the developers insist on making content that they don't do, effectively robbing peter to pay paul. In addition to this they make 2/3 modes of that content unavailable for people who would potentially be interested in it. It's a massive fuck you.
    Where did you get that 5% figure, there's way more people raiding than 5%, maybe only 5% reach the final boss, but that's beyond the point. If there would be no raids, every raiding guild could just quit as this is the only thing they really do in the game. Same for me, if there would be no raids, I would just quit... and at that point I tell you the subs they would lose would be not 1.8 million, but a lot a lot more.

    Raiding is part of MMOs you can't just change that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F-Minus View Post
    ISomething like that:

    Normal 25 - ilvl 630
    Normal 10 - ilvl 620
    Heroic 25 - ilvl 645
    Heroic 10 - ilvl 645
    Heroic 25TF - ilvl 655
    Heroic 10TF - ilvl 655
    This seems like a good plan my only question is would people in iLvl 620 normal gear be able to make the jump to heroic 10s (as heroic 10 and 25s would have to be tuned as they are today).

    It is better than dropping 10s in difficultly completely though as heroic 10s would still fell they had the challenge if they wanted it.

    And I much prefer it to a 4th difficulty level.

    I was thinking of maybe some way of reducing a bosses difficulty "to get past it" but reducing the loot.

    So activating a 10% nerf reduces the ilvl by 10 ilvls and activating a 20% nerf reduces it by 20 or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faithshield View Post
    Some of these tweets are a week old. I assume MMO-Champ is staggering their placement on the news so as to not overwhelm people?
    Yup. We used to post them as they came out, but that ended up being a mess. Instead, they are now put into categories and used as we have space, unless they are time sensitive or important. If you really want to keep track of tweets you can read them all yourself, but otherwise this has been the best solution so far.

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    Autopromotion is always good! xD

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    "In the past, relatively few people were able to see Arthas, Illidan, and other end bosses in raids. Raid finder allows millions of people to see the entire story."

    This killed the excitement of being in a raid group.

    Want to see the final content? Try harder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripper View Post
    And try to pug and organize on deserted servers ??
    They need to prioritize what problems to fix...

    Merge servers and bring back 10/25 lock-outs so that there are actually people on the server and are more willing to pug if they raid more serious in the other lock-out with their own guild.
    I had recently switched to Stormrage US. A high pop server, because my server was dead. It is extremely difficult to pug something that you haven't already did, even with higher populations. Gone are the days of getting a group of random players and figuring out a way to down a boss. Everyone wants achievements. So your left with finding a guild, hoping that guild will let you in a raid spot, or sub for someone. Then hoping they just don't flat out suck and leave you looking for another guild.

    Putting the lock-outs back might be the solution. That way more experienced players can join in with more casuals to fight current tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin47xx View Post
    Gone are the days of getting a group of random players and figuring out a way to down a boss. Everyone wants achievements.
    I'm sorry I play since mid-Wotlk. When was this time where trade wasn't spammed with "To enter this raid you have to prove you already entered it."
    That above is the real reason Dungeon finder was invented. Because the community was already bad, at least with dungeon finders you're not blocked by other people.

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