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    Lightbulb 5.3 Math to Ding 90?

    Hey all,

    From what i've read on the patch notes and comments from blues, characters currently between 85-90 will have there xp adjusted to what it should be with the 33% boost added.

    My question is....has anyone done the math (I fail at math) to find out what % of which level you need to be to ding 90 as soon as 5.3 hits?

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    You wont be 90 youll be 89 with 1 xp until 90 if im correct. And i think its 80%ish

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    1 xp would still be awesome. I mean, your saying 80% ish into 88?

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    Oops. Yeah 88. 70-90%ish

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    I figured it would be around there...was hoping some math wiz could take all the xp's per level and find the number.

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    Do you have the numbers? I cn do it but i dont have the numbers

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