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    All I know is, is if I had never played an MMORPG before, and read some of this stuff down here, I'd be sure as hell to say to myself "Good god, what the hell is wrong with these people. I'm never playing one of these games.".

    Like, when people come up with stereotypes, or just seem to have a big negative view of the people who play MMOs, it's thing like the responses to this that seem to remind of exactly why :x

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    lol guild drama

    didn't know it still existed, maybe i'm just out of the loop

    Quote Originally Posted by twistedsista View Post
    the moral of this story is, dont trust anyone.

    the moral of the story is to not play the game with people who piss you off
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    Still trying to figure out why you stayed in a guild that your friends all left to join another. That should have been the first sign.


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    If you're in a guild with someone you don't like, especially if he's the GM, you should just leave. Chances are you'd have more fun somewhere else.

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    Hey, you don't respect the GM, you're not hiding that fact, you get into an argument and call him names. So yeah, you asked to be kicked really. Being GM, having the option not to have to deal with a troublesome guildmember, hell yes I would kick you too. You simply don't share the values that the guild/leadership stands for so you basically don't fit in.

    That's not necessarily bad for you at all, you get the chance of going somewhere with people that share YOUR values. Blessing in disguise my man.

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    Urgh sounds like one of the jerk leaders in my old, old guild, I liked the people and had friends in it, but man were they a sack of insecurity and pathetic. Taking the game just a little too seriously for anyone around them to enjoy it.

    I'd say move on, don't hang around someone like that, explain to the people you like why you feel that way and maybe they'll be brave enough to hop out of the boat too. But seriously don't sour your play experience trying to please idiots like that, they shouldn't be allowed to succeed as a guild master when they treat members that are well liked with contempt. The guild I'VE been in the last 3 years has been the opposite, the leadership is just great and I was so glad I made the decision to get the hell out of dodge of that ticking time bomb of my previouses.
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