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    Quote Originally Posted by Bilbo Baggins View Post
    And by that I mean their vague sometimes pointless comments that really don't get a definitive answer.

    That and the downright lies.

    I keep seeing "we made [x] change for mop because we were told [y] was a problem with cata"

    I think that is such bullshit, they say this kind of crap when it suits them, when they flat out disagree the line is usually "ultimately its our game and we will do what we want" and then some line about "community collaboration on game development doesn't necessarily make a better game" now the line is "we gave you what you wanted and you still don't like it" i don't think that ANY of the feature in MoP are/were what the community was calling for.

    There may have been several features that addressed specific issues, but none of them are/were done in a way that the community asked for. It always has its indignant blizzard signature on it.

    (1) New features of MoP, dynamic quests and storytelling, scenarios, dailies, etc etc.

    This was to address the problem of "not having enough to do" the problem is that these extra feature weren't really options they were required for any sort of progression, and that progression was tedious. Why couldn't they just add more dailies, more content without the insane rep grinds and/or required gameplay for progression?

    (2) Balance changes. People have been claiming Mages are OP the ENTIRE expansion. (I don't play a mage, so this isn't the source of my issue, just an observation) they claim the whole expansion that they are pleased with where classes are... yada yada yada, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

    Now all of a sudden mages are OP... and how do they fix it? By nerfing an ability that adds bonus spell damage by 15% from 30% HALF of what it was.

    These drastic pendulum swings are SO fucking frustrating to me... why does it always have to be so damn extreme? Why can't they just make small tweaks to the game to achieve a balance where people are happy.
    I'll admit upfront there's been times I've asked a question and not got a specific answer but the points you brought up seem to be slightly irrelevant.

    Dailies and reputation grinds aren't needed for progression unless you're in a progression guild, there are many ways to gear up that don't actually require you spend any time doing dailies whatsoever...

    As to the whole gear thing on reputation vendors, can I point out something a LOT of people are missing? Take your justice points, head to Orgrimmar, change them all into honor points, head down to the pvp vendor along the wall between Townlong Steppes and Kun-Lai Summit and buy yourself a load of epic 476 gear. This will allow you to SKIP grinding blue justice gear, allow you to gear into 476 epics faster while you're killing world bosses for those drops also and once your ilvl is high enough get into LFR and kill stuff til your hearts content and you're geared enough to progress to the next raid. Rinse and repeat til you're into ToT.

    Doesn't require a single reputation grind to do it this way or any need to spend gold either, also you can get a nice 522 epic neck from Shado-Pan Assault vendor at neutral so that should help up your ilvl if needed too.

    As to the whole class balancing thing, it all stems solely from PvP, always has. But 15% nerf isn't much on the whole from a PvE point of view because that 15% won't really be noticed as you gear better but in a PvP scenario it's alot. I haven't PvP'd myself in the 8yrs+ I been playing except when I been forced to i.e Wintersgrasp, Tol'barad, legendary quest chain etc but on the whole I avoid PvP like the plague as it's never been my cup of tea. In PvE as I said, it all comes down to gear so unless you're a fully geared heroic raider, the average meter reading can change from one night to the next. Perfect example here is before wednesday I was struggling to stay above tanks on the meters (rofl anyone in my guild will vouch to that) but after having a chat with a lock I met in LFR, changing some reforging and cleaning up my rotation, I moved up the meters and can now stay in the top 10 most the time in a 25man guild although I sucked heavily on Tortos.

    A lot of the time there are answers out there we just don't see, this game is a lot more easier now then it's ever been and yet people still find reason to blame Blizz. Blizzard is a company, they do what they do because it brings in revenue and that's how it's always going to be and there's nothing any of us can do to change that so we either find another way of doing things that suits our particular play style (in this case Blizz even handed us the option as so many ways to progress in this game now very easily) by grinding as should be expected from a tier clearing normal/heroic guild/raider or you can take the casual option which may take slightly longer but can be done with far less stress or effort.

    Only question now is what is it you actually want from this game as it is only a game and how much effort are you willing to put in to get to where you want to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    that does not seems realistic.

    A player joining a decent guild will usually do anything to convince. He will be on a trial period and will definitely not slack and expect a raiding spot.
    You seem to not like reading my post, since all the guy did was join and everyone else ran for the hills and one member mentions that now that they are attuned they got poached by another guild because hey, its easier to poach players than it was to actually attune them yourself. Which was exactly what happened back in BC days and that's not even mentioning the ridiculous things that you had to do to get attuned which was made more difficult by groups disbanding because one of the group got what they needed and immediately left the group instead of re-running the dungeon 4 more times, causing the original group to return to town and shout for another member who they hoped would not repeat the process.

    The only reason people liked attunement was because they wanted to keep the raiding sandbox exclusive because exclusive = great server community hospitality. No, you can't raid for purples because you don't have any purples!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    The only reason people liked attunement was because they wanted to keep the raiding sandbox exclusive because exclusive = great server community hospitality. No, you can't raid for purples because you don't have any purples!
    I guess, if working for your gear means being in a "super elite club of exclusivity" instead of a gear reset every 5 months.

    In wow there is nothing to work towards because they continuously nerf content through stacking debuffs, no character progression doesn't make for an entertaining rpg experience.

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