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    Resto help please (10 Man)

    Hello everyone. I've just swapped characters and started healing ToT 10 on my resto shaman. Someone told me I should be reforging out of crit and going for more haste, ask mr robot doesn't tell me to do this. Just after some friendly advice, I heal with a holy paladin and a mw monk they are better geared but a few fights I am much lower on the healing. Unsure on things like do I glyph riptide or not?

    Thanks in advance.

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    do I glyph riptide?

    Someone told me I should be reforging out of crit
    That person should be hung

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    That person should be hung
    You're about as constructive as a lazy builder.

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    Greetings Foofur,

    I thought I would share my opinion on my matter however non statistical it may be. Personally i'm only reaching 20% crit, mainly because the way Resurgence works. See below (taken from elitestjerks)

    For shamans Crit is considered a hybrid stat since it combines throughput with a mana back factor. Its realistic problem is that it is unreliable and due to its RNG nature completely out of your control. While with 20% Crit you can guarantee that 1 out of 5 spells will Crit you can never know which one and how much percentage of that healing will end up on your overhealing meters.
    I then personally just go full on haste as our mastery is, well.. crap. Especially considering i'm healing alongside a Holy paladin + Disc Priest... Think of yourself as a mana support to other healers.

    With regards to Glyphing Riptide, personally I do glyph riptide on most fights, especially since alot of fights involved a great deal of spreading and us shaman's don't have much in our toolkit when spread (considering 10man, 25man there seems to be alot more room for group heals (melee groups/ranged groups etc). Therefore your able to wack riptide on peeps without having to deal with the cooldown.

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    You're about as constructive as a lazy builder.
    I wasn't really aiming for constructivism...

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    Reforging out of crit is terrible advice, if you're just starting out in 10 man healing I would strongly suggest going for a high crit build. Stacking spirit may be better for a beginner, your throughput won't be as high but having that extra mana when you're still learning how to play with your other healers could be greatly beneficial. Aiming for 3090 haste is a nice spot if your item level is low, this allows you to play with Ancestral Swiftness or Elemental Mastery, both are wonderful and I would advise playing around with both to see which you prefer. I would suggest going for 3090 haste, then either stack crit or spirit. Mastery is complete garbage, and excess haste inbetween breakpoints should be reforged out of.

    Riptide glyph is terrible to say the least, there are a number of fights though where it may be worth using. When I was healing with a holy paladin and a disc priest I found it useful on Tortos and Iron Qon so it does have its uses; just use it with discretion.

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