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    Your most frustrating wipes!

    Hello everyone!

    The thread title explains it all. What were your most frustrating wipes?

    I'll start: Last night we were learning Tortos heroic. We do the bat kiting strategy and for me (brewmaster tank) this fight was incredible frustrating.
    Bats flying everywhere, sometimes on the main tank, then on a healer way in the back. Never someone running for the ox statue etc. Me messing up with rolling into a turtle, get launched in the air and bats nomnom me.

    But then.. everything came together. Bat kiting was good, turtle killing was fast. Everyone was getting their shields for quake.
    Boss goes sub 20%. More turtles! Ignore them! Keep chain kicking shells for the debuff! This goes on for 30 seconds (kiting is proving to be more difficult). People start dying. Everyone on boss! We dps the boss, suddenly main tank dies.Everybody but me is dead. Tortos is charging his breath. I'll rush to do the last 1% of his health. Just as touch of death lightens up(the instant kill button) the boss releases his breath and I die.

    Tl:dr Doing HCTortos, we wipe on tortos when he has 200k health left.

    So MMO champ, what are your most frustrating wipes?

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    Archimonde - our fury warrior kiting the fire through the raid group constantly - had to slap him when i met him in real life after that

    Lady Vashj - people not passing the "orbs" around so people just stood there stunned and did not know what was going on

    Spine of Deathwing Heroic - this is a more recent one i can recall, we are fighting away and blast through the first 2 armor pieces with no problem, we go on the third tendant and nuke our asses off but just miss a bit more DPS so we quickly stack up for a roll and then all of a sudden one of our healers decides to run out and gets thrown off, we cursed but kept going then our Off Tank dies almost instantly cause "he forgot to pop a cd" so its me picking up all the bloods and hold the exploding add and then the armor plate went up, everyone rushed to the tendant and the boss flew to his side and threw everyone but me and a dps off and we wiped on 2%

    Ji-Kun Heroic - we are currently progressing on this fight and its a absolute b!#ch of a fight so far, but for some reason our healers cant keep our tanks alive and they just drop at 80% of the boss his HP, gets quite frustrating after 20 times....

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    If I remember correctly on Heroic Durumu 10man we had a sub 1% wipe and we would have killed it had people not let the drain life stack up so high one time. I can't recall anything that close besides maybe Dark Animus and a sub 4% wipe with 2 dps dead due to interupting jolt damage and matter swap hitting at the exact same time.

    We really didn't put that many attempts into either of the two fights but it was still a bit frustrating when something so stupid happens either from your raiders not doing their job or really lame boss mechanics chaining together.

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    Archimonde: If a single person died the boss would get a buff which most likley meant a wipe

    Garalon: we had a range heavy group meaning we kind of lacked the stronger melee cleaves, overall the number of wipes 160 (mostly because of enrage) and number of kills 1 (pre 5.2), when we had a DK in the group (he was filling in).

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    I don't raid normal mode very often anymore, but I remember some frustrating wipes..

    one of them was what felt like the thousandth wipe on Alysrazor (25man on normal mode), when we wiped continuously to people not avoiding the firestorms and acting like "why should I, it's the healer's responsibility to keep us alive", "I can't dps the boss AND avoid stuff".. man, that was annoying, of course we wiped a lot due to this..

    a more recent frustrating series of wipes was on Elegon (lfr) when people kept standing on the falling floor, even in the second, third and fourth try.. we described what to do, when to run to the side, some (me included) made macros that shouted when to get off the floor, but people kept falling -.- finally we made it, due to some people pushing their dps and killing the boss without the people who fell to death..

    I forgot the countless wipes on Spine of Deathwing, people kept missing the tentacles/whatever and got thrown off.. or the dps dotted everything and therefore causing the amalgamation to explode in the middle of the raid.. for the thousandth time -.-
    (one could see a pattern there, with people falling off/down/to death in encounters..)

    edit 2:
    I also forgot one of the "funniest" wipes, back in Karazhan.. the whole group (random people from my server) seemed to know the raid instance, I didn't, and everybody was always directly running to the next boss and so on. some of them entered the room to netherspite (the dragon, channeling some stuff, I never actually fought him) while others, me included, were still on their way.. they pulled, the door closed, and most of the healers and many dps stood outside, watching the raid grid as people were dying.. "funny" part was that they really blamed us healers for not keeping them alive and ignored the fact we didn't even got to enter the room..
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    Heroic sindragosa 10m. We were banging our heads against that boss with a relatively bad guild. Finally we have the perfect attempt, and with like 1% health to go our mage uses rocket boots, gets airborned and lands with the debuff in the middle of the raid. Wipe. Luckily we killed it in the next attempt. But the raging on vent back than was epic.

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    Oh, damn sub 1% wipe on Horridon. After tons of try.

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    0-2% wipes have been hilariously common on a number of encounters. They're part of raiding and usually just a matter of pulling again. However, three wipes have specifically burned into my mind.

    - 1% wipe on Firefighter 25-man was probably my first truly memorable wipe.
    - 11.5% wipe on Lich King 25H due to a failed defile. It pushed the kill back by a week.
    - Ragnaros 25H, I don't remember the exact percentage and only that we needed one more good frost patch for a kill. We had two spawning in the middle of the fire. In this case the kill was also pushed back until the next reset.

    Such is life.

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    Wiping on madness on the head was so frustrating, it takes so damm long time :/

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    most frustrating wipes were for me on amber-shaper hc and tortos hc.

    Ambershaper hc not hard at all. but if we were unlucky we had someone in the construct and for some reason didnt understand it all or panicked for some weird reason. so tadaa a wipe. so we killed it when we were lucky on not having the retards in the construct.

    tortos hc easy as shit. but for some reason only our hunter could kick turtles correctly but hard to combine with mding bats to the kiting tank. making our healers getting eaten by the bats. 5 other dps somehow always moaned about not being able to do it, because rockfall was so hard to control where it falls. So finally killed it when i (ms healer) went dps because lack of dps sings and on i got kicking duty and it was a kill...

    most frustrating wipes since tbc untill now is always the same reason. Dps being tunneled about their dps meter and forget or refuse to do their assigned jos because there dps would be lower then....

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    Most frustrating wipes are when finger goes through the paper.

    Infracted; (Sonnillon)
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    every wipe that was caused by someone who didnt listen to the raid leader or who didnt do their job properly.

    but more seriously, i cant remember the amount of <1% wipes we had, but what really started to frustrate me was garalon, every try we got him to below 1%, one time even below 500k and then he enraged. it happened so many times its just not funny anymore.

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    Firefighter (10m) for me, 18k health left in the middle, everything else (including the raid) was dead

    Got it 3 tried later thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by silmarilen View Post
    every wipe that was caused by someone who didnt listen to the raid leader or who didnt do their job properly.

    but more seriously, i cant remember the amount of <1% wipes we had, but what really started to frustrate me was garalon, every try we got him to below 1%, one time even below 500k and then he enraged. it happened so many times its just not funny anymore.
    guess ur group didnt do their job properly, dps wise !

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    Well with us most frustrating is when we un-progress from steadily making fewer mistakes and wiping at ever decreasing boss Percentages to suddenly wipe early on and /or making lots of mistakes again. Then it appears as if our progress was for naught.

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    Main tank kept DCing and we'd wipe every time.

    He was the only tank with a resist set or whatever was needed for that role.

    50 wipes

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    Wiping in challenge mode siege of niuzao temple, we were going for world first and we kept having to start over because we lost the flakes due to them bugging out and resetting, eventually we discovered we were just going to fast... we got world second group time, could have had world first if we kept going but everyone sort of got tired of it and felt like bugs were holding us back :<

    We'll prob go back at some point but I need to improve all my other times first

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    "Last try guys", Princess Huhuran to 1%. "Oh well better luck next week *disband raid*".

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    My most frustrating wipes will be wiping in LFR, on everything.

    That comes from a 7years of raid experience. Ill rather wipe on Tortos HC at 1% with my guild, than wipeing in LFR
    Main(s) since Classic:
    Hunter and Enha sham

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    Probably the wipe that ended up ensuing after yours truly blew up an immortal attempt on Kel'Thuzad at the start of phase 2. One of our hunters was MCed and not beinged CCed, so as I ran over to hex him, I ran by one of our mages while detonate mana was on me...boom went the mage and our immortal attempt (this was when KT had to be last boss, couldn't skip the wings). From there the wheels came off and the derp was out in full force; we had people killing MCed people, ice tombs killing people, void zones...pretty much every mechanic killed someone for the next minute or so.

    Needless to say, I wanted to crawl in a hole for a few days after that.

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