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    Please help me choose trinkets

    Aaargh. I cant decide between

    HC Bottle 2/2
    Normal Talisman 2/2
    SPA rep trinket 2/2

    I would be really grateful for comments. I just can't decide.

    Please don't just say "check Shadowcraft". Shadowcraft says one thing, Simcraft another, Mr. Robot another. That is why I am asking here.

    My other trinket is Rentaki's HC, which I will upgrade soon. Armory here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arius/advanced

    Any comments gratefully received.


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    Prob heroic bottle. Tailsman won't give you any starting burst and its rather a meh trinket, I didn't like it, But bottle has huge uptime(40%)ish on a really short ICD. the rep trinket is hit and gear this tier is all LOL HIT, that's just me tho you would get more use out of the mastery than hit+higher trinket proc

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    HC Renataki + VP one out of the ones you've given. I'd keep talisman instead of the VP one until you can actually get that hit down to 2550.
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