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    If there's a way for you to stay in school then stay in school. Nothing wrong with working part time or working over the summer of course, but in the long run lifewise someone who's finished school has more options than someone who doesn't.

    According to these forums you can live like a king on welfare in America, so has your mum investigated that option? I'm only half joking there, there may be something available to you, and while it probably won't be much every bit helps. As people have said the kind of stuff you're interested in takes time to get started, you may have to suck it up and get a 'hey at least it's work' type job. Pretty much everywhere that employs teens will get a lot of applications for the summer, so the sooner you get going with applying the better. Good luck!

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    I'm pretty sure the state is somehow required to take care of you financially if your father was the only source of income. You should investigate that.

    Also, your mother should work too. I don't see why she shouldn't (in case that's what she's intending to do) unless your sister is still very young.

    Try not to fail at school.

    Live cheap.

    @Luciferiuz Stop trying to derail the thread, because that's exactly what would happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post
    Your mom needs to get her shit together and get a full time job. Her main importance should be keeping you in school and focusing on your school work. You should not be getting a job...
    I gotta agree with this. You wanting to help out is GREAT. However, this is her problem. A few things to keep in mind.

    -You guys obviously knew something was going on with your father, so there should have been a contingency in case he got caught.
    -If he was the main source of income, your mother either needs to get a job, or file for financial aid of some kind. She probably qualifies for WIC.

    The bottom line I think that should be made clear is this is not your problem. It affects you. You might be able to do something to help. But it is not remotely your responsibility to fix it. I'm not saying "You are free of liability, go have fun and be a kid". But it would behoove you to go to your mother and tell her... yeah. She needs to get her shit together.

    I sympathize for you, entirely. It sucks. However, it's hard to sympathize for the family as a whole, when someone HAD to have known this was coming. As someone who has been on the business end of a gun in an FBI raid... this stuff doesn't 'just happen'. It's not a car accident, or a misplaced rent check, or a sudden illness. They -knew- this was coming, or could come, and didn't prepare for it, and now their son who is still in school is suffering for it.

    I'm sorry if I sound callous, but I have sooooo little breadth of empathy for parents who neglect their children, which is exactly what this is.
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